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Consulting Services

As an industry leader, we pride ourselves on being able to tackle any challenge, big or small. Every obstacle is an opportunity to surpass expectations. Our unique history, coupled with local know-how gives us an unprecedented advantage over our competitors. We’re large enough to call upon billions of dollars’ worth of invested technologies and research when needed, yet agile enough to respond to all challenges with unique solutions.

We believe in being able to see all challenges from the eyes of our customers - so that your best interests are preserved at every stage of the strategic solution development process. We implore our people to explore the unconventional and discover bold and ingenious ways to meet and exceed your needs.

Application Value Assessment Compliance

The amount a company invests in each business application should directly correspond to the value and the impact to the business. By treating all the company's applications as a total investment 'portfolio', and by applying portfolio management best practices, it is possible to quantify the business value of each application, and reprioritise applications spending to enhance the business contribution with the same level of investment.

Benefits Realisation Dynamic Infrastructures

As the knowledge economy develops, the challenge of effectively managing technological change in organisations and indeed across entire industries is becoming acute. This is not primarily a technology issue, nor an issue of interest only to IT managers, it is an issue for all business managers.

Competencies Avoid IT errors and IT bottlenecks proactively

Fujitsu's competencies include Application Maintenance, IT Service Management, Management Consulting, Project Management, Systems Delivery and Technology Consulting.

Enterprise Value Management Desk Services

Today more than ever organisations must demonstrate that they understand how to do more than talk about added value.

Portfolio Management Dynamic Infrastructures

Organisations today are being presented with more and more possibilities for technology-enabled change and growth. Only resources and capability to execute limit the possibilities.