e-Invoicing Messenger Software for Connecting to or Creating Peppol Access Points in Australia

We provide e-invoicing software to enable connection to the Peppol network via Access Points in Australia. The ATO requires all e-invoicing to be conducted via authorised Access Points.

July 1, 2022 e-Invoicing deadline for Australia

From July 1, 2022 the Commonwealth government has mandated that all government agencies use e-invoicing. This means that businesses will no longer be able to use PDF or paper-based invoices when dealing with government agencies.

e-Invoicing is part of the Australian government's JobMaker recovery plan which aims to make it simpler and easier to start and run a business and interact with government.

Fujitsu's e-Invoicing Messenger

To address this requirement Fujitsu is introducing e-Invoicing Messenger which builds on Fujitsu’s leading ebMS3/AS4 product – ebMS3 Messenger. The Message Service Handler (MSH) of ebMS3 Messenger has been enhanced to provide the Access Point (AP) component of the PEPPOL 4 corner model for e-Invoicing. Additional functionality that has been added to the MSH includes the encryption of outgoing payloads and the automatic decryption of received payloads.

  As well as providing full PEPPOL ebMS3/AS4 support, e-Invoicing Messenger also includes modules to automatically handle Service Metadata Locator (SML) and Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) resolution for outgoing messages. This ensures that e-Invoicing messages are routed to the correct location and that the receiving business’s public key is used to encrypt the e-Invoice attachment. This means that the receiving business is the only party which can view, and action, the e-Invoice.

Also included in e-Invoicing Messenger is the ability for users to host and manage their own SML/SMP functionality, including hosting their own SMP server. Users have complete control over the data which other organisations will need to lodge e-Invoices with them.

e-Invoicing Benefits for Australian Businesses

Cost Savings

No need to manually enter invoice data

Fewer mistakes

Less risk of invoice errors and loss

Reliable & Secure

Exchange invoices via a partner network rather than email

Faster payment

Most invoices are paid within 5 days

Buyer & Supplier Network

Connect once and trade with many partners

Eco Friendly

Eliminates need for paper and other resources

Peppol e-Invoicing in Australia

Peppol is an internationally recognised standard and is used for e-invoicing in Australia. It enables invoice exchange between different accounting systems by ensuring:

  • important data is entered accurately before an invoice is sent
  • consistent exchange of invoice data

e-Invoicing Terms Explained

PEPPOL = Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line, is an EDI (electronic data interchange) protocol, designed to simplify the purchase-to-pay process between government bodies and suppliers.

AP = Access Point = connects with other PEPPOL Access Points to securely exchange files.

SMP = Service Metadata Publisher = Publishes metadata about a PEPPOL receiver and which Access Point is used to receive a certain document type.

SML = Service Metadata Locator = A DNS that returns the address to the SMP that holds the metadata of a PEPPOL receiver. The SML is the only centrally operated component in the PEPPOL transport infrastructure. It is managed by OpenPEPPOL and is operated from Brussels by DG/DIGIT.

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