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Industry Solutions

HPC Cluster Solutions optimized for your industry

Fujitsu supports HPC users in various industry segments by providing validated integrated HPC Cluster Solutions with predefined and optimized configurations for specific applications.

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FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for HPC

High Performance Computing with Fujitsu HPC Cluster Solutions



HPC Cluster Solutions optimized for applications in the Automotive industry
HPC is widely embedded into the overall vehicle engineering processes today - from ensuring product integrity for the automotive supply chain to creating digital models and processes to visualize, simulate and analyze new products.

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Construction and Building

Construction & Building

HPC Cluster Solutions optimized for applications in the Construction industry
With HPC construction firms and architects have the tools to design more efficient, comfortable and safer buildings by subjecting prototypes to thorough robustness simulations.

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Education and Research

Education & Research

HPC Cluster Solutions powering scientific research
HPC enables researchers to perform far more complex calculations and to obtain results far more quickly. With HPC brand new studies can be performed that were simply not possible before.

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Manufacturing and Engineering

Manufacturing & Engineering

HPC Cluster Solutions ensures time to market of new products
Speed is Money - HPC is an important tool used to design new products, to improve existing products, and to bring products to market more efficiently.

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Oil - Gas - Geoscience

Oil & Gas & Geoscience

HPC Cluster Solutions explore new energy sources
To meet the global energy demand HPC provides advanced seismic imaging for oil and gas exploration and supports ingenious development of new energy sources.

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