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Realize a safe and secure business and ICT environment with best practice from our in-house experiences

Incidents will happen

As business becomes more digitalized, security is ever more important. Since 2009 incidents have increased by 66% a year, with 43 million cases in 2014 alone.* As attacks become more sophisticated, incidents are getting more complex. Traditional protection alone is no longer enough to protect your ICT resources from threats. We need to do more than just improve our defenses. We must take proactive security measures to provide us real transparency, so we identify weak points and detect threats before they cause harm.

*PWC ‘Global State of Information Security Survey’, 2015

Three pillars of secure information use

We believe there are three pillars to an effective security strategy that can respond to these growing threats and safeguard ICT environments for the future.

Authentication and authorization:

The more contact people have with ICT, the harder it gets to ensure safety with conventional passwords. Here, authentication with biometrics strikes a good balance between convenience and safety. Fujitsu's PalmSecure provides highly reliable biometric authentication based on palm vein pattern recognition technology. 410,000 units of PalmSecure are used by businesses worldwide, in bank ATMs, access control, computer logins, and more. (as of end of March, 2014) Fujitsu is currently working on cloud-based biometric authentication to expand applications to social infrastructure services and other sectors in the future.

Data and privacy protection:

In order to create value from personal data, the data must remain private. Group-based anonymization allows the combination of multiple database entries while preventing identification of individuals. Homomorphic encryption can perform searches and calculations on encrypted data without decryption. Identity federation allows services to exchange personal attributes safety. These technologies will allow us to draw value from data by sharing between multiple services while properly protecting data privacy.

Security intelligence:

In order to implement security measures, a structure must be built which can quickly sense the signs of possible security incidents in your organization, address the threat promptly, and limit damages. Fujitsu has teamed up with external organizations to advance measures to monitor and analyze security incidents occurring all over the world and deal with them proactively. We also share information relating to security activities across organizations in Japan, Europe, and Americas, to build a knowledge base, which is used for managing the systems of our customers across the globe.
Security is a critical issue for today's business. To provide security requires expertise, experience and continuous organizational efforts. Fujitsu provides customers with the best of our technology and knowledge to help business grow.

Services, Products and Solutions


Application Services

Information Management

  • Cyber Security Services

    In today's world of dynamic and mobile computing, advanced and rapidly changing threats, and other challenges such as Big Data and cloud all becoming much more common the reactive approach to Cyber Security is no longer enough. Businesses need to become more proactive in how they deal with security and it's the joining up of things such as context, intelligence feeds and better visibility that help that happen. To keep up with the aggressive pace of change within IT, and to counter the ever expanding threat landscape business have got to evolve their security capabilities.
    The strength of our vendor relationships, proven experience and global scale means we can optimize our customers' approach to security, delivering significant costs savings. We provide organizations with real intelligence and visibility on the state of their environment – identifying vulnerabilities and allowing investment to be prioritized according to where it is needed most.
    Fujitsu's goal is to enable organizations to operate as productively and securely as possible. It may mean ensuring secure access to information on an anytime, any location basis; providing rapid visibility and protection against new threats; or allowing controlled usage of social media.
    Fujitsu's security professionals serve as trusted advisors to customers – offering independent advice. Fujitsu also takes responsibility for the ongoing management of specific security capabilities on behalf of customers. We use market leading security products and expert professional services to support the assessment of risk, define requirements, provide technical and service design and architecture, as well as ensuring effective deployment and operation of the Managed Security Service. All our services give customers the 24x7 cover needed to protect their business.

    • Firewalls
    • Endpoint Security
    • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)
    • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
    • Web Security
    • E-mail Security
    • Data Loss Prevention
    • Vulnerability Management
    • Encryption
    • VPN

Enterprise Applications

Fujitsu's Enterprise Applications services cover the design, development, configuration, implementation, rollout and ongoing management of solutions based on packaged ERP applications. (For a full description, please see the 'Create Value through Integration' section.)

Data Center Services

Fujitsu's Data Center Services provide our customers with the complete range of services to ensure their IT systems are fully operational for their users as well as to improve their IT flexibility, efficiency, performance and to reduce their costs. (For a full description, please see the 'Create Value through Integration' section.)

Software as a Service

Fujitsu offers a wide range of packaged applications as subscription-based services. (For a full description of 'Software as a Service' and offerings, please see the 'On-demand Everything' section.)

End User Services (EUS)

Fujitsu's End User Services are for organizations who want to securely access their workplace data and services on any device in any location. EUS underpins business agility and delivers business value while reducing the costs to business, and improving the user experience. (For a full description, please see the 'Create Value through Integration' section.)


Business and Technology Solutions

Security Solutions

Having a secure IT environment is becoming more and more important. With continual advancements in technology and innovation, confidential business information is at a higher risk of exposure. Understanding that mobility and connectivity are a part of today's business environment, Fujitsu takes a focused approach to ensuring security around all of our solutions. The combination of Fujitsu's user security expertise and partnerships with leading security vendors, ensures superior security. Fujitsu's extensive range of user security products and solutions are easy to integrate and can be enhanced with complementary software and hardware offerings to meet unique user security requirements. Two prominent solution examples for authentication / identity management and compliant archiving are described as follows.

  • FUJITSU Biometric Authentication Solution PalmSecure

    Fujitsu's Authentication / ID Management solutions are based on Fujitsu's biometric palm vein technology and provide high reliability and security for a wide range of applications and market segments. This hygienic, contact-less technology uses unique vascular patterns as personal identification data, which is more reliable than token or knowledge-based methods, increasing user safety and comfort. PalmSecure bioLock significantly improves security by monitoring and controlling SAP system operations using re-authentication at user-specific checkpoints. PalmSecure ID Match is a universal platform for reinforcing ID cards for authentication by combining them with PalmSecure technology. This new solution is designed for a wide range of scenarios - supported by our Software Development Kit (SDK), which allows fast and easy integration within IAM applications.
    Truedentity middleware can be used as an enhancement for human centric authentication management – based on personalized encrypted certificates,superior security for handling electronic identities and secure transfer of data - providing reliable identification for people and organizations who share information.
    New mobile workplace systems with integrated PalmSecure technology increase security dramatically. The combination of PalmSecure technology based on Match-on-Device solutions and high level security software is ideal for secured cloud access and secure payment applications. Fujitsu's PalmSecure offers customers end-to-end protection for sensitive information and secure access points for front end and data center applications.

Note: Availability featured here may differ by region.

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