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New Value from Information

Realize innovation by creating new knowledge from information with advanced technology and analytical expertise

Creating knowledge from Big Data

Demand for using Big Data is rapidly increasing because of sharp growth in the performance of hardware, the evolution of software technology in handling large volumes of data, the development of sensors, and the rise of social and consumer oriented applications. Fujitsu helps our customers harness Big Data by providing advanced analytics technology and cutting-edge technologies such as ultrafast parallel processing, complex event processing and in-memory processing.

Marketing innovation

To respond to diversified consumer lifestyles and growing complexity in marketing channels, the approach to customers has to be changed from market segmentation to personalized marketing. It is now critical to understand the preferences of individual consumers.
Fujitsu offers personalized marketing solutions for the retail and service industries. One example is the consumer preference analysis service to parse out consumer purchasing contexts from the characteristics of purchased products. Another example is a service for predicting the visit of an individual customer and distributing personalized coupons to grow repeat business and the purchase value per customer. Fujitsu and Dentsu, the world-leading advertising agency, collaborated in providing a consulting framework that establishes a deeper engagement for a better customer experience. The framework begins with combining diverse data from customers' products, services and sales activities, with Dentsu's marketing data such as consumer behavior. Then, Fujitsu's Big Data analytics technology helps identify the customer profiles and any issues at customer touch points, which cannot be achieved through traditional segmentation analysis. These can be reflected in the marketing measures to improve overall customer experience in omni-channels.

Innovation for decision-making

Big Data is expected to transform the corporate decision-making process, enhance employee productivity and optimize business processes. However, several issues prohibit customers from introducing Big Data. Customers have to introduce the latest database and data processing technologies. It is also difficult to define system requirements and measure Return on investment (ROI). A Fujitsu integrated solution, 'FUJITSU Business Application Operation Data Management & Analytics (ODMA)' solves these challenges by enabling swift system installation and the use of Big Data. ODMA realizes a significantly shorter set-up time by integrating all the software necessary for analytics as one package. Fujitsu provides our know-how, established through delivering information management systems, through three marketing models: a demand forecasting model, a consumer behavior analysis model and a financial analysis model. These models allow even organizations not familiar with data analysis to use the ODMA. In the future, Fujitsu plans to introduce these solutions to broader industries and business fields.
Further, Fujitsu will offer Big Data solutions in the field of IoT. For example, we will enable predictive maintenance and other manufacturing innovations by monitoring the status of equipment and machinery via embedded sensors.

Services, Products and Solutions


Business Services

Business Consulting

  • Big Data Consulting Services

    Fujitsu's Big Data Consulting Services are designed to identify the opportunities and implications of Big Data for the business. Business- and customer-specific use cases, and their business implications and value will be jointly elaborated and prioritized. Fujitsu supports the development of Big Data strategies and detailed evaluation of required capabilities and technologies.
    Business and IT prerequisites to achieve the business goals will be made transparent.

  • Analytics Services

    We help customers formulate, develop, and implement Big Data use cases. Our services help to reduce skill gaps to quickly implement new Big Data analytics workflows and accelerate the delivery of valuable insight to the business.

Application Services

Application Development and Integration

  • Integration Services and Maintenance Services

    Big Data infrastructure solutions are typically combinations of concepts and technologies. Fujitsu Integration Services ensure a smooth and efficient integration of all building blocks, as well as the integration of the overall solution into the customer's IT landscape. In addition, Fujitsu will take over the maintenance of the overall solution.

Software as a Service

Fujitsu offers a wide range of packaged applications as subscription-based services. (For a full description of 'Software as a Service' and offerings, please see the 'On-demand Everything' section.)

Platform as a Service

Our long term vision for PaaS is to gather all of the necessary capabilities together in one high productivity business platform. (For a full description of 'Platform as a Service' and offerings, please see the 'On-demand Everything' section.)

Managed Infrastructure Services

Fujitsu's Managed Infrastructure Services for Big Data comprise the complete range of services to ensure our customers' IT systems are fully operational while improving their flexibility, efficiency, performance and reducing costs.



Fujitsu provides a systematic lineup of software products designed to facilitate the use of Big Data. This lineup features software products that customers can easily use on-site. Fujitsu has developed, through implementation of Platform Services for Data Utilization, a cloud service for utilizing Big Data. In addition, we have helped customers utilize Big Data by making it simple to install and operate, and by providing an ecosystem that makes it easy for customers to combine software with other products including open-source software.


Integrated Systems

Under the name of FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX, Fujitsu provides a broad lineup of Integrated Systems for customer's marketing innovation. (For a full description, please see the 'Integrated Computing' section.)

Big Data and Analytics

  • FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop

    PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop is a powerful and scalable platform analyzing Big Data volumes at high velocity. PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop combines the advantages of pre-configured and pre-tested hardware based on industry standard components with open source-software provided by Cloudera and Big Data analytics software provided by Datameer. PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop is provided as a ready-to-run integrated system and enables business users to untap hidden information from huge amounts of data. In addition, strategic Big Data consulting, analytics consulting, consulting for Hadoop, and integration and maintenance services, are supplementing the offering.

  • FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA

    PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA enables simplified, fast and secure implementation and operation of SAP HANA. The pre-defined and pre-tested infrastructure solution is based on SAP-certified components and supplemented by a broad services portfolio. It helps customers fully exploit the potential of SAP HANA and to accelerate and innovate their business processes.

Note: Availability featured here may differ by region.

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