Cyber Security Predictions for 2021


Top 10 Cyber Security Predictions for 2021

Making predictions for 2020 seemed relatively straightforward 12 months ago. The number of cyber-attacks was set to increase, and the ongoing digital transformation movement was still going to introduce new risks and vulnerabilities. But 2020 has been turbulent across the world, and the lasting effects of the last 12 months are challenging to predict.

As we look forward to 2021, we expect challenges to persist as organizations look to ensure their remote workforces’ security and productivity. We also expect a reset in the attitudes towards risk as organizations grapple with the dilemma of tackling new challenges with lower security budgets. And, we also anticipate the increased use of new technologies to open new security vulnerabilities.

How can you prepare for the 2021 challenges? Here’s our annual roundup of what our most experienced cyber security experts and threat intelligence analysts are saying, including:

  • How extended work from home is making knowledge workers more vulnerable
  • Why digital identities need a new normal
  • The growth of disinformation attacks
  • The rise of Multi-layered cloud protection
  • How 5G adds new security challenges
  • Why risk appetites must be re-evaluated

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