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Sale and Lease Back Solutions

The Sale and Lease Back solutions allows us, the ‘Lessor’, to buy all or a part of your existing IT portfolio and then lease it back to you over an agreed period of time for an agreed monthly or quarterly payment.

The benefits of this option to your business are:

  • you have a cash injection providing you with capital to re-invest into your business
  • you enjoy the tax efficiency of leasing
  • you can ‘Refresh’ any of the equipment during the lease term, keeping your IT solution up to date without additional capital outlay
  • you are no longer the owner of the equipment and, therefore, not responsible for disposal of it at the end of the lease term
Additional equipment can also be ‘added on’ for an increase in the monthly or quarterly rental or the equipment may be exchanged or upgraded under the Technology Refresh solution.

The Sale and Lease Back solutions may be structured as a Finance Lease, an Operating Lease or a Lease Purchase agreement although the actual structure and the term will depend upon the age, condition and value of the equipment.

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