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International Master Lease

If you are a large enterprise operating in multiple countries it makes sense to utilize the International Master Lease agreement for your leasing requirements. One contract is signed by both the ‘Lessee’ and ‘Lessor’ which contains all of the terms and conditions. Then individual lease schedules are signed upon completion and installation of the equipment at each site or phase. You have the benefit of having separate identifiable costs for each installation.

Like the other leases we offer, all hardware, software, training, installation and service costs can all be included on the lease. You, the lessee, are responsible for maintaining and insuring the equipment but you can, of course purchase service packs and services contracts either directly from Fujitsu or one of our partners..

The Master Lease Agreement can be established before any deliveries take place and may remain in force for many years. The schedules attached to an International Master Lease contain the equipment and payment terms and can be structured as either Finance Leases or Operating Leases. Additional equipment can be added to the lease agreement and equipment can be exchanged under the ‘Technology Refresh’ option.

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