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Operating Lease

An Operating Lease is an agreement between the ‘owner’ of the equipment, the Lessor and the ‘user’, the Lessee. All costs such as hardware, software, installation, training, services etc can all be included in the agreement.

International Master Lease

If you are a large enterprise operating in multiple countries it makes sense to utilize the International Master Lease agreement for your leasing requirements. One contract is signed by both the ‘Lessee’ and ‘Lessor’ which contains all of the terms and conditions. Then individual lease schedules are signed upon completion and installation of the equipment at each site or phase. You have the benefit of having separate identifiable costs for each installation.

Deferred Payment Solutions

The Deferred Payment solution allows you to delay the payment of your chosen lease by up to 6 months; even though your new equipment may have already been delivery and installed. This flexible payment profile is ideal if you are waiting for a new financial year, or if you are waiting for a cash deposit.

Dynamic Capacity Solutions

Dynamic Capacity is the term used by Fujitsu to describe a range of solutions that allows your payments to fluctuate according to the amount of server or storage capacity which is used. The solutions work by agreeing a ‘base’ level charge which is aligned to the estimated capacity usage on a monthly basis and then any usage over and above that agreed level is automatically logged and billed at an agreed rate on a monthly basis.

Migration/Consolidation Solutions

The decision to move from one platform to another; or to unify an office full of IT equipment can be challenging as well as financially draining on your business. Our Migration/Consolidation solutions offer you a complete package which takes the burden away from you.

Price Per Seat Solutions

The Price Per Seat solutions allow for the total costs of all your hardware, software, installation, training, maintenance and servicing costs to be calculated and then the lease is structured to reflect the number of people using the facilities. This option is ideal for rapidly expanding businesses, it allows you to install the fully capacity IT solution which your growing business will need, but initially you only pay for the number of people actually using it. When your head count increases so does your lease rentals. At the start of the lease an agreed ‘number’ of seats is paid for on a monthly or quarterly basis, and then over time the rental is increased according to the increase in staff.

Sale and Lease Back Solutions

The Sale and Lease Back solutions allows us, the ‘Lessor’, to buy all or a part of your existing IT portfolio and then lease it back to you over an agreed period of time for an agreed monthly or quarterly payment.

Technology-X-Change Options

The Technology-X-Change options allow for the transition of old equipment to new. It works by adding flexibility to the beginning and to the end of your lease agreement. At the beginning of the lease term the Lessor settles all of the delivery, installation and other set up costs with the supplier(s) on your behalf. Once the delivery and installation has been completed you then start to pay the lease rentals which were agreed at the outset. This option removes the need to set up multiple leases to cover various deliveries over the initial installation period.