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End of Term (EoT) Services

As part of the complete lifecycle solution for our financed customers, Fujitsu Financial Services offers you a range of certified services for the existing equipment, to support your transition to new Fujitsu technology. This also ensures that all your needs are fulfilled by a single source – Fujitsu.

End of Term Services (EoT Services) are tailored to suit your individual needs, and are delivered with a high level of security, professionalism, and reliability. Fujitsu Financial Services provides decommissioning from the desk, on-site data erasure, on-site packaging and palletizing in preparation for transport, and collection from your loading area.
  • Decommissioning from desk
    Safe removal from the working environment and relocation to the loading bay or data erasure area 
  • Data Erasure
    Fast becoming the most important element at the end of product usage, and can be performed on customer site or at Fujitsu locations, with tracking of HDD serial numbers. Data erased to common industry standards such as BSI M2.167 or DoD 5220.22-M, from PCs to up to Enterprise Storage, and including network and printing products 
  • On-site Packaging and Palletizing
    Correct packaging to ensure safe transit, with recording of serial numbers, etc. 
  • Collection of Used Equipment
    Outside of working hours, with reporting and documentation, and special security vehicles where required

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