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Electromagnetic compatibility

We provide professional consulting services and support you in meeting national and international electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for PCs, data processing and communication technology, industrial controllers, domestic appliances, medical equipment and more. Our fast, efficient consulting and debugging services are available during the development process – even at short notice. We offer complete EMC-CE approval tests (the basis for Europe’s CE compatibility markings) or, based on our extensive experience, checks of only the most critical spots. We also accommodate customer-specific checklists.



Emission testing (in line with EN, FCC, VCCI, BSMI, C-Tick, etc.) for:

  • Conducted emission.
  • Electrical field, radiated emission.
  • Harmonics and flicker.

Immunity testing (in accordance with EN, IEC) for:

  • ESD (electrostatic discharge).
  • Radiated, radio-frequency electromagnetic field.
  • Burst, fast transient voltage peaks.
  • Surge, slow high-energy voltage peaks.
  • Conducted disturbances induced by radio-frequency fields.
  • Power frequency magnetic fields.
  • Voltage dips, interruptions and variations.

Monitor emission testing

  • In accordance with MPR/ TCO.

Consulting and debugging during the development process

  • On-demand EMC engineering (electronics / mechanical construction) from product concept to complete EMC approval testing.
  • Customer-specific EMC training.

Basic investigations

  • Concerning the EMC characteristics of cables, components, HF devices, etc.


Products sold in Europe require the CE marking. We support you with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests and consulting to ensure that your product range conforms after testing only a few so-called “worst case configurations”.