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SAP HANA Consulting and Implementation Services

Simplify decision making with SAP® solutions

Fujitsu offers consulting and implementation services for efficient SAP deployments. Our professional services are based on structured processes built up over many years. We have extensive experience of delivering such projects and simplifying decision making.
Fujitsu consultants deliver a robust, high quality installation and seamless implementation of infrastructure solutions such as the SAP HANA platform. This accelerates time-to-productivity whilst providing the foundation for enhanced operational stability and performance. With Fujitsu, IT departments can focus on what is most important to their business and realize a rapid return on investment.

SAP HANA Global Demo Center

Fujitsu’s SAP HANA Global Demo Center offers individual workshops that explore practical usage scenarios for identifying the tangible benefits of implementing SAP HANA. For example, you can see how slow data access can prevent you from generating the actionable insights needed for quick and informed decisions. 
With this unique offering, Fujitsu can help confirm your exact business requirements, and begin the process of planning the next steps of your project (SAP Basis, Sizing and approach).
For more information about how our SAP HANA Consulting and Implementation Services could help your business, contact Fujitsu today.