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FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for SharePoint®

Your fast track to setup your SharePoint environment

The importance of improving corporate cooperation is constantly increasing. Optimal processes and a regulated exchange of information will generate huge advantages over direct competitors whatever the branch. Software tools are the basic component in such situations. Microsoft SharePoint Server is such a tool that is used to improve corporate cooperation; it also offers many additional useful features, such as setting up and maintaining Internet pages. If today you would want to set up a suitably optimized IT infrastructure for SharePoint, this would often be a complex process, prone to errors and it would take a lot of time. You would also need to have a lot of know-how regarding all the necessary components and their dependencies. Doing everything on your own could thus be very risky for your business as a whole.

Such risks can be avoided thanks to FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for SharePoint. PRIMEFLEX for SharePoint is a quick-to-implement solution from Fujitsu which optimizes internal cooperation and can be used to create and manage internal and external web pages. This pre-tested configuration is designed for up to 250 users simultaneously accessing SharePoint. The reference architecture can be adapted to your individual requirements; it contains all the required components, such as server, storage and network connectivity that have all been optimally aligned with each other. Detailed guidelines are provided as a standard to support you in implementing your SharePoint project. Optional services from Fujitsu or your Fujitsu sales partner, depending on the regional offer, are available to ensure smooth integration into the existing environments.

PRIMEFLEX for SharePoint - Your benefits:

  • Optimized collaboration platform for up to 250 concurrent users 
  • Fast, easy and risk-free design 
  • Adaptable and state-of-the-art reference architecture 
  • Benefit from comprehensive project experience
Availability may differ by region.