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Citrix Systems

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ABOUT Citrix Systems
Work Better, Live Better

Citrix believes people should be able to experience work and life their way. That's why Citrix powers mobile workspaces – to enable people to work anywhere, on any device, with all the tools they need, seamlessly and collaboratively.

Together with Fujitsu and their leading End User Services, experience and expertise, our Mobile Workspace technology addresses these requirements by securely delivering apps, desktops, files and services seamlessly to any user, on any device, over any network. Together through Fujitsu's Managed Mobile and VCS we enable Workplace Anywhere.

Mobile Workspaces powered by Citrix

Citrix Workspace Suite seamlessly and securely unites apps, data and services
XenApp mobilizes and secures Windows apps
XenDesktop secure virtual Windows desktops and apps.
XenMobile manages and secures mobile, web and SaaS apps
ShareFile shares and syncs corporate data securely from any location.
NetScaler optimizes and secures app delivery on any network.
CloudBridge accelerates app delivery
CloudPlatform orchestrates and provisions apps, desktops and IT services from any cloud.

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