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- World Tour 2015 : Fujitsu Netherlands


World Tour Exhibition

The World Tour 2015 demonstration center, covering 3,500 square meters, shows the wide-ranging extent of the Fujitsu portfolio – one that is full of innovation. It illustrates the Human Centric Innovation approach and also the Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision by displaying exhibits covering three dimensions: people, information and infrastructure. The main focus is on industry solutions that unite these three elements.


Below you will find a description of the main exhibits we are going to present in the seven areas “Mobility, Integration, Security, Big Data, Cloud, Connected Infrastructure and Computing”.
Beside this there will be an area where we show customer reference case covering Fujitsu services, solution and technology capabilities. Customers like Auchan (supermarket), Qantas (airline), Airbus (airplanes), La Caixa (Bank), the I heart studios (large Photo studio) and the German car manufacturer BMW. Within that area we are also showcasing the topic “Digital Sovereignity” with some real life scenarios as well as the latest innovations in Vehicle ICT.

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Big Data – Experience the Power of Information

Using the ever increasing large data volumes from versatile previously untapped data sources can create decisive values for business and society. However, introducing Big Data may entail considerable challenges and risks. By selecting Fujitsu as a partner for your Big Data journey, you will experience less complexity and fast time-to-value, while reducing risks. We consult our customers in terms of what can be achieved by Big Data, we schedule and prioritize the use cases, design and implement the solution, we integrate it into the existing IT landscape, and we maintain it. Fujitsu supports all relevant Big Data infrastructure concepts, and will thus always elaborate the optimum combination of technologies according to the customer-specific situation and requirements. Appliances, as well as pre-tested and pre-installed infrastructure bundles lower the entry barrier. Templates for visual programming even allow business users without any IT skills to do Big Data analytics in a simple manner.

Visit our Big Data area, in which some exciting use cases are shown - based on the infrastructure required for them. We are sure, you will be surprised.

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The Fujitsu Security Initiative is to underpin Clients & Social Innovation by continuous efforts to provide greater safety and security to customers and society- based on a comprehensive package of security products and services. Fujitsu offers security solutions amongst others for identity management and data consistency.

  • Fujitsu PalmSecure based solutions ensure simple use of a high level of authentication security
  • Fujitsu SecDocs based solutions ensure an evidence-preserving long-term archive and grant document consistency and originality for a long time.
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Applications are the backbone of all modern organizations. The way they are integrated and utilized significantly impacts the business success. Mega trends and new technologies like Cloud, Social, Big Data, Mobile, IoT dramatically change the way how applications need to be integrated and can be used. Fujitsu supports the efficient integration and use of applications with innovative infrastructure and service offerings adapted to the lifecycle of every end-user environment. Fujitsu will highlight this year "Digital Business Delivery & Transformation" with RunMyProcess, "Enterprise Application Simplification" with SAP, Oracle but also Glovia, "Legacy Modernization" as "Application Outsourcing & Transformation".

Fujitsu RunMyProcess is a unique cloud platform that enables hundreds of leading companies in over 45 countries to remove the technology barriers to digital transformation. This innovative platform empowers customers to rapidly create, deploy and distribute highly customized enterprise and mobile business applications designed to meet their specific needs - unifying user experiences, connecting silos of information, reducing time to value and enabling digital scale.

The Fujitsu Application Value Assessment is a unique service for analysis of application landscapes. It typically results in proposals which help to free up resources and allow savings of some 30% of application management costs. A typical next step is Legacy Modernization, which means the decommissioning, consolidation and replacement of legacy applications, with this year, an interesting focus on mobile applications

SAP solutions and services which aim to maximize the benefit of your SAP application cover a huge portion of the integration area in the exhibition. The offering ranges from services and infrastructure solutions for SAP HANA via FlexFrame Orchestrator for a simplified management of SAP landscapes up to managed SAP applications and Fujitsu Cloud for SAP. Dedicated SAP Consulting and Modernization Services also help our customers to integrate new technologies and applications and smoothly manage the transition to a modern landscape which smartly integrates SAP innovations for better business outcomes. An impressive example for smart integration and innovation is the condition based maintenance solution, which can arm maintenance teams with visibility and automation tools to increase return on assets, improve asset performance and reduce maintenance costs. 
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Mobility is fundamentally changing the way we interact, live our lives, and do our jobs. Employees require instant access to a wealth of business-critical applications and information wherever their jobs take them – helping them achieve more than ever before. New technologies, devices, and solutions must be integrated to work seamlessly together to remove IT complexity, avoid data siloes, and combat evolving security threats.

Workplace Anywhere
With Fujitsu End User Services and the latest generation of innovative front-end devices you can offload the IT department and deliver a computing and communications experience personalized to the needs of different employees across your enterprise

Client Computing Devices - Empowering People to Achieve their Business
Fujitsu´s client computing devices and solutions, that help you optimize working productivity and comfort, are supporting the human centric intelligent society. Understanding that mobility is not only device oriented but refers to the user's mobility needs, the portfolio includes stylish and smart products as well as technologies supporting different use cases, e.g. UC&C, VDI.
We help you design your front end architecture fulfilling individual requirements with next generation product and security innovations along with a wide range of attractive portfolio products:

  • FUJITSU Tablet STYLISTIC: A large range of attractive touch devices supporting Windows 8.1 for intuitive working
  • FUJITSU Notebook LIFEBOOK: Completing the corporate notebook portfolio, combining style with ultimate functionality
  • FUJITSU PC ESPRIMO: Smart desktop PCs for future workplaces
  • FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS: Highest performance workstations for demanding applications and workflows
  • FUJITSU Thin Clients FUTRO: Supporting server based and VDI environments
  • FUJITSU Displays: Excellent ergonomics and best-in-class technologies 
  • Wide range of FUJITSU accessories with maximum compatibility across Fujitsu systems

End User Services - helping business to mobilize its end-users
Fujitsu End User Services enable business to be more agile & responsive, to simplify management, while delivering enterprise-class service for CIOs' peace of mind. It enables end-users to work whenever, wherever and via the device they choose. It gives them seamless and secure access to all the applications, data and communications tools they need to work efficiently and effectively. Businesses can embrace trusted, cost-effective cloud based services while satisfying security, regulatory, governance and performance demands. End User Services reduces TCO, aligns costs to consumption and enables cross charging to originators. It is delivered by a single expert service provider – Fujitsu - using proven virtualization technology and providing consistent, high quality service levels globally

  • Virtual Client Services: Fujitsu's approach to desktop virtualization, providing seamless and secure access via any device by shifting workplace layers from the device to the data center
  • Managed Mobile: Cloud-based mobile application and device management, safeguarding corporate data and protecting privacy
  • Enterprise Communication Service: Cloud-hosted, end-to-end unified communications service that enables users to better communicate, manage, use and share information – directly from their end user devices

Service Desk: Single point of contact for all end-user needs, committed to continuous improvement and proactive call reduction

Fujitsu scanning solutions
The Highlight of Fujitsu's imaging solutions presented at the World Tour is the new mobile scanner, the ScanSnap iX100 equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and lithium-ion battery. The latest member of the ScanSnap family scans directly to mobile devices and to your PC or Mac. The fastest and lightest scanner in its class to date takes business professionals to new levels of productivity and efficiency. Visitors to the World Tour can see how the mobile scanner works with an Android-based tablet. The larger ScanSnap model iX500 digitises paper documents at the touch of a button, and will be shown at the World Tour scanning straight to a mobile device. Also on display are the ScanSnap models S1300i, SV600 and the network scanner N1800 as well as the fi Series document scanners fi-6800, fi-6770, fi-7160 and fi-7280 and the compact fi-65F A6 counter top scanner. Visitors can also have a closer look at the Scanner Central Admin Tools for easy scanner management.

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At a time when the importance of applications and data in supporting your business has never been higher, you need computing power that is fit-for-purpose now and into the future. To meet your specific requirements in terms of productivity, efficiency and innovation, this means having computing capabilities that align with the service levels demanded by your business lines. Customer- and market-inspired innovations helped the Fujitsu servers to ensure the most efficient, best performing server solutions in every class and offer you the choice of:

  • FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY - Industry's most complete x86 portfolio
  • FUJITSU Server PRIMEQUEST - UNIX-matching high availability features with x86 cost efficiency
  • FUJITSU M10 - Scalable systems with mission-critical reliability


  • New dual-socket PRIMERGY server featuring latest Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors, DDR4 memory technology, DynamicLoM, extended Cool-safe® Advanced Thermal Design and Embedded Lifecycle Management
  • 20th anniversary: In 1994, Fujitsu developed the first x86 servers built on industry standards. Since then, Fujitsu delivers PRIMERGY x86 server family with the attributes customers expect: quality, efficiency and agility.

Executing system updates, controlling the hardware setup or running diagnostic tests on components are frequent tasks to ensure a continuous operation. The comprehensive Fujitsu Software ServerView® Suite supports IT administrators in these tasks and helps to reduce data center costs. The suite is divided into five individual packages: Deploy, Control, Dynamize, Maintain and Integrate, mainly consisting of free-of-charge modules.


At this year's World Tour in Munich Fujitsu presents the new generation of its mainframes, the Fujitsu Server BS2000 SE series, and the new operating system version of Fujitsu Software BS2000 OSD/BC V10.0, which - in addition to many new features for the existing BS2000 servers of the S and SQ series - also includes special additive functions to provide the new SE series with perfect support, and thus generates even further value added for the customer.

Highlights at a glance:

  • The new Fujitsu BS2000 SE servers combine high-end mainframe technology and open world standards and deliver high data and application availability with simultaneously low operating costs.
  • The new SE Manager enables central, web-based management of the entire SE infrastructure (such as systems, servers, platforms, network, disk and tape peripherals).
  • The new operating system version Fujitsu Software BS2000 OSD/BC V10.0 offers a variety of new features for the existing BS2000 server lines (S and SQ series) and provides the interfaces and functions required for optimal support of SE servers.
  • One particular highlight provided with the new BS2000 operating system version V10.0 is the software component BS2IDE (IDE: Integrated Development Environment), which offers all the advantages of modern development environments for BS2000 customer applications based on Eclipse.


Under the direction of "Business-centric Storage" Fujitsu provides solutions which allow customers to flexibly manage their increasing data volumes at less costs of growth, to benefit from a very reliable architecture as well from radically simplified operation. Fujitsu will present storage innovations enabling customers to provide better service levels at lower costs. New solutions will be demonstrated in the areas of analytical, production and backup storage.

  • ETERNUS CD  - Fujitsu's brand-new hyperscale, software-defined storage appliance
  • FUJITSU ETERNUS DX disk storage systems – record breaking performance architecture with automated quality of service management
  • FUJITSU ETERNUS CS backup appliances - outstanding data protection for business critical environments
  • FUJITSU ETERNUS LT tape systems – highly automated systems providing lowest capacity costs for backup data
FUJITSU ETERNUS JX storage subsystems – easy and cost effective capacity expansion for servers
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Connected Infrastructure

FUJITSU Integrated Systems
With a focus on growing and consolidating its portfolio for the data center, Fujitsu offers a comprehensive line-up of validated Integrated Systems, comprised of straightforward reference architectures and pre-integrated ready-to-run systems. Thanks to pre-validation, these systems guarantee the compatibility of all their components, lower the implementation risk as well as the time needed to realize a project.


  • FUJITSU Integrated System Appliance for VMware EVO: RAIL
  • FUJITSU Cluster-in-a-box
  • FUJITSU RapidStructure for Lync, Exchange and Sharepoint
  • FUJITSU VSAN Ready Nodes

FUJITSU Application-Optimized Server Design
Fujitsu Application-Optimized Server Design featuring Intel's Silicon Photonics technology unveils the next major step towards a business-centric data center. Fujitsu Silicon Photonics-based technologies will radically change the way enterprises design, build and operate their IT in favor of dynamic resource pools, in which users will be able to access the computing, network and storage capabilities in line with their exact application needs. This will enable a business-driven approach to (re-) build an IT infrastructure at any time and to transform IT from using fixed servers for different workloads towards slim compute nodes that can be flexibly configured for different application demands.

FUJITSU Data Center Management & Automation
FUJITSU Data Center Management & Automation (DCMA) is a suite of solutions helping medium and large size enterprises to

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Improve service levels
  • Drive down operational costs and
  • Accelerate the introduction of new data center services

FUJITSU Data Center Management & Automation covers IT Operations Management (ITOM) and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and is based on FUJITSU solutions, intellectual property and selected partner software structured along the FUJITSU DCMA reference architecture.
The delivery models for FUJITSU Data Center Management & Automation comprise:

  • On-premise (installed at and managed by customers)
  • Managed services (managed by Fujitsu) and
  • Cloud (Software as a Service)

The Fujitsu Offering
FUJITSU Data Center Management & Automation provides solutions, blueprints, hardware and services to manage and automate entire data centers. Highlights of our solution portfolio:

  • Consulting and optimization services for Data Center Management & Automation
    Our consulting service offers data center process and technical consulting, e.g. strategy workshops, architecture workshops, solution concepts and project management as well as financial services.
  • Data Center Efficiency and Reliability Improvements
    collect and analyze information from infrastructure, application performance and other IT management tools in real time. It visualizes services, calculates service quality and pinpoints risks and impacts on quality.
  • Energy efficient Data Center Operation
    measure and manage power and cooling in facilities and data centers. It improves the availability of IT systems and services with intelligent energy management. 
  • Performance and Trend Analysis for IT Infrastructure, Applications and Services
    manage networks, systems, applications and services. It comprises performance monitoring, fault detection and root cause analysis and ensures the proactive and more efficient management of traditional, virtual, cloud, converged and wireless technologies in a single user interface.
  • Asset management, commissioning and management of IT infrastructure components
    manage the complete lifecycle of hardware and software assets and drive the deployment of software, updates and patches to physical and virtual systems, e.g. FUJITSU ManageNow® solutions.
  • Data center efficiency improvements with process automation
    Fujitsu process automation solutions integrate, control, and automate operational processes across platforms, applications and IT groups to improve business services. One highlight is the FUJITSU Automated Contingency Manual which assists emergency managers and ensures fast recovery of business continuity.
GlobeRanger enables the Internet of Things:
  • by connecting the world of sensors, assets, devices, networks, and enterprise systems (including all legacy enterprise systems) and
  • by orchestrating edge processes to create valuable information and automation at the Edge of the Enterprise via its market-leading Edgeware platform iMotion

FUJITSU Fujitsu Connected Retail
A new world is emerging, where everyone and everything is interlinked, sharing information. This "hyperconnected world" forms the foundation of modern retail. It is all around us and means retailing without walls for a new, empowered consumer. This is Connected Retail.
Connected Retail is our response to this revolution in this industry; our goal is to provide the infrastructure, applications and services – fit for purpose and integrated across the enterprise – which will underpin and deliver this new retailing paradigm.

We are focusing on three core capabilities that ultimately deliver retailers a differentiated customer experience:
  • Innovative retail solutions – to support and future proof the customer experience in today's omni-channel world; this includes Fujitsu Market Place – our omni-channel PoS application – and new solutions from our innovation labs in around the world
  • Connected enterprise – within the store, between the front and back office, and between multiple vendors to deliver a seamless and integrated customer journey, working enterprise solutions, and outcome-based enterprise services
  • Global delivery – the assets and capabilities to deliver consistent cross-border solutions


  • FUJITSU TeamPos 7000 S-Series launch
  • FUJITSU U-Scan Gen II SCO launch
  • FUJITSU Retail Solution Marketplace Beaconing and Biometric Payment Approval demos
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Fujitsu offers a range of cloud services, enabling your organization to maximize value and innovation from the cloud. With cloud security and integration at the forefront of our solutions, we'll work alongside your existing IT infrastructure to make the process as seamless as possible.
We at Fujitsu draw on one of the strongest cloud portfolios in the industry and the experience we have gained successfully delivering cloud solutions to 5000 clients worldwide. Using our experience we will advise you on the right cloud solutions for your organization.
Our portfolio covers Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Cloud integration, professional and management services.
  • FUJITSU Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Fujitsu offers a choice of IaaS platforms - from trusted public cloud, local cloud to private cloud: Fujitsu Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5, Fujitsu Cloud IaaS Private Hosted and Private Cloud Infrastructures
  • FUJITSU Cloud Platform as a Service
    Fujitsu provides a wide range of PaaS services including a native application development platform, security and single sign-on, workflow integration technologies, plus marketplace technologies to give precisely the level of support you need. The portfolio comprises Fujitsu RunMyProcess and Cloud Enablement Services.
  • FUJITSU Cloud Software as a Service
    Fujitsu offers a wide range of SaaS applications as subscription-based services – supported by implementation, customization and integration services. IT Management as a Service, Backup as a Service and Managed Mobile are parts of our offering.
  • FUJITSU Cloud Integration Services
    Fujitsu helps clients integrate and manage cloud and non-cloud services alongside each other.  We call this hybrid IT and we have the solution and professional and management services to make cloud adoption safer and easier for both the business and for the IT department. Our offering includes FUJITSU Cloud Integration Platform, Cloud Managed Hosting and Cloud Professional Services.
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