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- Hybrid IT : Fujitsu Netherlands

How you can exceed your customer needs

With the most open, agile and compatible cloud platform on the market today you can reach new heights.

Public sector


  • Deliver services digitally and share data securely.
  • Pay as you go with no limits on the type of cloud IT you buy
  • Blend technologies to deliver faster, flexible, citizen-first services

Utilities sector


  • Combine Internet of Things, sensors and cloud to reduce manual data input
  • Digitize and automate customer interactions
  • Drive operational efficiencies with holistic asset management

Retail sector


  • Embrace multi-channel and securely unlock the value of customer data.
  • Blend the IT you need with no limits on where you buy it from
  • Stay ahead with easily expandable, pay as you go cloud

Financial sector


  • Lose long term costs by only paying for what you use
  • Keep ahead of FinTechs with agile, customer-first service
  • Embrace digital, stay compliant and drive operational effectiveness
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