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A perfect balance of cloud and on-premise IT

For effective digitalization you need to find the balance between fast IT (digital initiatives) and robust IT (your core systems). Hybrid IT is the bridge between these two types of IT to unlock the value of your existing data and investments. It gives you a way to give your classing business processes a digital update, while allowing your digital systems to flourish. But how can you bring fast IT and robust IT together? The answer lies in a cleverly architected and seamlessly integrated Hybrid IT environment that blends private, public and managed cloud with existing on-premises IT.

With our Hybrid IT offering we:

  • Deliver a cleverly architected and seamlessly integrated IT environment with a governance framework that can adapt and evolve with changing business needs
  • Provide the perfect balance of services to enable the rapid deployment of new cloud based solutions
  • Ensure governance and compliance are not compromised
  • Ensure privacy and security are not breached
  • Enable 24/7 data availability, across geographies and devices
  • All of this is done within a prudent IT budget, to ensure that your Hybrid IT integration is as cost effective as possible

How can a Hybrid IT model benefit your business?
Business Enablement & Growth

Enables transformation into a digital business, allowing faster time to market and improved collaboration between partners, suppliers and customers Supports growth into new geographies and market segments

On-demand, pay-as-you-go IT services, deliver scalability and improve competitiveness and innovation across industry sectors and globally

Improves customer experience while delivering services more efficiently and effectively via data analytics and better availability of information

Delivers the customer & business outcomes that organizations need now, while paving the way to foster more flexible adoption of the technologies and services that they will use in the future

Allows clients’ business units to have the cloud services they need with governance, integration and cost managed appropriately
Risk & Cost

Manages security and cost risks while innovating at the same pace Fujitsu’s delivery centers manage the global network of cloud platforms to ensure that systems are managed securely while clients have the flexibility to place their data within a specific region or country

Fujitsu protects clients’ data in its data centers certified to Uptime Institute’s Tier III standard

Empower people on several levels,
users get access to services much
faster, for example through self-service

Effective applications integration

Enhance business user mobility by
making applications and information
available across time, space and devices

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