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Unleash the potential of your people

This is an exciting and fast changing digital age. The digital world is creating both opportunities and challenges in equal measure that will require organizations to re-imagine the way they interact with people, systems and technology. To remain competitive you need to find new ways of working. You need a strategy that drives business value, streamlines operations and fits the digital era. This will help you to attract and retain the brightest minds and create a culture that’s even more focused on success. But how do you get there?

Taking the next step

Fujitsu recognises the fact that each Customer's challenges, requirements and starting points, for embracing a digital transformation will be different and unique to them. Our proposition primarily concentrates upon enabling an End to End integrated solution that empowers people to utilise technology at a pace, location and context that suits them and is tailored to their needs.

We’ve got a name for this truly connected workplace: It’s Workplace Anywhere and it’s a foundational offering within our Digital Workplace Services proposition.

With Workplace Anywhere you can bring people, systems and information together in a secure, always connected and personalized environment. It’s the first step in providing a unified experience across any device. It is an integral part of our Digital Workplace Services, where we bring together our workplace and support services into a harmonious whole.

Workplace Anywhere is a unified suite of technologies delivered as a managed service to create a consistent, personalized and contextual user experience at scale. It draws on our award winning history of helping organizations transform their workplace.

We securely combine Cloud, Virtual and Managed Workplace Services to enable you to get the right blend for your organization and transform the way you work. Each of our workplace services can help transform the way you work. So, your workplace can be more agile, collaborative and productive.

Workplace Anywhere Service Offerings

Cloud Managed Workplace
Fujitsu Cloud Managed Workplace Services 
We provide a modernized and secure platform for delivering digital services via the Cloud. With our Unified Endpoint Management Solution as a Service, we drive flexibility, agility and productivity.

Virtual Workplace Services
Fujitsu Virtual Workplace Services
We provide managed End User Virtualization services on public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures to meet diverse demands for device types, working hours, mbility and user roles.

Managed Workplace Services
Fujitsu Managed Workplace Services
We provide a comprehensive set of centrally provisioned on premise managed service capabilities that balance speed with stability. Ours is a traditional Managed Desktop Service with a modern feel.

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