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Do the Health check with the Digital Workplace Survey

In the modern, digital workplace we are able to work from almost anywhere, at almost any time, using a variety of devices. The technologies and services enabling this mobility are no longer a bottleneck. Rather it’s where these technologies are deployed: both employers and employees expect significant benefits from these "Workplace Anywhere" environments.

The Digital Workplace Survey Report

Fujitsu has collected the opinions of more than 1900 people globally by now and is providing the insights in a Digital Workplace Survey Report. According to the global datasets there are significant gaps for 94% of respondents between what they expect from modern workplace infrastructures and what they are currently able to deploy for their daily job. Those gaps, often not only on one but on multiple dimensions, may either negatively affect the wellbeing of the employee or the harm competitiveness and thereby the business venture itself.

'58% of Business Managers see their digital workplace infrastructure as the most critical success-factor for staying competitive.'

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Do the Health check for your Digital Workplace

Individuals and company entities are both invited to conduct exactly that analysis and benchmark themselves. Explore the gap between the expectations today’s end users have of their workplace and their experiences. How does your business compare to our international database of 1900 businesses? Find out with our online ‘Health check’ on your workplace reality.

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