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Workplace 2025 - End User Experience : Fujitsu Netherlands

Workplace 2025

Workplace 2025 White Paper

The year 2025 might seem a long way off, but the sheer scale of workplace transformation we’re going to see between now and then means you need to start preparing right now if you don’t want to be left behind in future.

That’s why we’ve released – based on a research conducted by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) – a new White Paper called Workplace 2025, designed to offer guidance and practical steps you can take to ensure your business sees long-term success.

The next decade will see nothing short of a revolution take place in the way that we work. As the millennial generation becomes the dominant presence not just in the workforce, but also in the boardroom, seismic shifts will take place in the relationship between companies and their employees as well as the structure of organizations and industry sectors. Traditional thinking about careers, training and recruitment will be turned upon its head.

What will an effective workplace strategy look like when millennials control the boardroom, AI goes mainstream and the traditional office disappears?

To find out more, complete the mandatory fields marked with an * on the following page to download the White Paper and take a glimpse into the Future Workplace.

You can also first download the Infographic Workplace 2025 or you can download one of the summaries from our Workplace 2025 Survey on the right side of this page.*

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*Fujitsu partnered with Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) to interview 1,278 senior business and technology decision-makers at large and mid-sized commercial and public sector organizations in Europe, Australia and New Zealand and the United States.

A PACT for success

A PACT for success

A PACT for success

A PACT for success

A PACT for success