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Intelligent Engineering - End User Experience : Fujitsu Netherlands

Intelligent Engineering keeps your business running 24/7
At Fujitsu we recognize the negative impact outages can have on revenue, business reputation and customer satisfaction. Our Intelligent Engineering approach moves away from reactive support to one that is proactive and focused on business outcomes. It uses analytics to predict potential problems and through automation resolves them before they become issues, ensuring your business always remains up and running. In doing so we;

  • drive down incident rates and minimize resolution times
  • reduce downtime, improving customer experience
  • drive cost efficiencies
  • deliver support at a time that suits the user


Fujitsu is one of the largest IT support service providers in the world, with over 35 years of experience delivering technical support to customers in all sectors. Globally we;

  • deliver support services to over 180 countries

  • have over 15,000 support engineers

  • support 4.9 million devices

  • ship 2.1 million parts per year

Explore how Technical Support Services can benefit your business:

Intelligent Engineering
Intelligent Engineering keeps your business running
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Intelligent Engineering
Predictive, preventive and proactive IT support  
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Fujitsu’s Technical Support Services  
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