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FUJITSU Cloud Software as a Service

Delivering applications on demand

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model has already proved itself as a major source of business value in organizations of all sizes. With SaaS solutions for customer relationship management, ERP, office productivity, IT management and other key business areas, Fujitsu is at the forefront of the market.

By offering in excess of 125 SaaS applications we have the industry’s broadest capability to apply SaaS solutions in business. This has developed from the knowledge gained in delivering service to over 7 million corporate end-users and applying knowledge learnt from running multi-billion dollar business. This combined with SaaS integration skills acquired through system roll-out means we have extensive SaaS portfolio and associated integration and implementation skills.

Our track record and experience is unsurpassed in the areas of workplace and desktop productivity. In addition, we’ve helped some of the world’s largest corporations and government organizations take advantage of SaaS to create flexible, low-cost environments for their end-users.

FUJITSU Cloud Services Management

Cloud services help businesses to innovate faster, cut costs and be more agile. Organizations that fully understand and leverage the game-changing potential of cloud will have big advantages. Fujitsu Cloud Services Management makes it easy and safe for business units to adopt and benefit from cloud services while providing the tools for the IT Department to deliver a safe, secure and consistent service across both cloud and non-cloud systems.

FUJITSU Cloud Services Management combines and integrates existing on-premise systems and private as well as public cloud solutions whether they’re from Fujitsu or other cloud providers.

Fujitsu Cloud Services Management builds on our 30 years of experience in delivering enterprise-class systems and service integration expertise to global organizations.

Mobility and Productivity

Recognizing the explosion of business use of smartphones and tablets, Fujitsu’s Managed Mobile service applies the same high standards of service to smart mobile devices that organizations already depend on to manage their desktops and laptops.

It provides a complete package of cloud services to manage the entire lifecycle of smart devices in a secure, encrypted environment, with guaranteed levels of service availability. Fujitsu Managed Mobile includes push email and Personal Information Management (PIM) support for multiple devices and mobile operating systems, remote IT administration and device management and diagnostic capabilities and security — including authentication/encryption with backup, virus protection, firewall and spyware checker — as well as secure access to corporate data and applications.

FUJITSU Cloud Backup as a Service (BaaS) offers organizations a highly flexible, fast and efficient cloud-based backup and recovery service. This cloud-connected approach to backup and restore can replace or complement traditional on-premise, tape based data protection solutions.

The BaaS Appliance means data can be backed up to a vault in a specified location – whether that be a remote office, branch or to meet data residency requirements.

Industry, enterprise and middleware applications

Through SystemWalker we provide access to all the components necessary to support the complete Business Process Management (BPM) lifecycle via the cloud; from process discovery and visualization through to modelling and simulation, automation, analysis and process optimization. SystemWalker is used by more than 25,000 corporate customers and 4.4 million installations.

Glovia on demand is a manufacturing ERP solution providing a competitive advantage to our customers by supporting multiple locations, languages, currencies and simple or complex business structures fitting the needs of engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock, make-to-forecast, ultra-high volume (continuous) and mixed-mode.

FUJITSU Software Interstage Business Operations Platform integrates multiple business systems using a web service, supports companies in developing new business processes. The solution has a wide range of features, including connectors that link existing SAP systems and other business packages as web services without requiring application revisions or connection add-ons, processes, data connectivity, and user interfaces. With this single solution, companies can build services that support new business processes.

Our expertise covers legacy modernization through NetCOBOL for .NET where we provide a COBOL runtime environment for the Microsoft Azure platform. Our approach combines the reliability of Fujitsu's family of COBOL compilers with the Microsoft .NET Framework and the Microsoft award-winning development environment, Visual Studio .NET. It combines cloud-based CAD, analytic software and parts data management software with a suite of cutting-edge services to transform the manufacturing process.

See how Fujitsu is helping customers achieve their SaaS goals