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Case Studies - Toray Engineering

SAP processing times halved with PRIMEQUEST


Toray EngineeringToray Engineering Co., Ltd.
Solution : Skillful SAP upgrade & high availability/performance from 64-bit Windows platform
Industry : Engineering company
Product : PRIMEQUEST 580
Requirement : Pressure to upgrade to the latest version of their industry standard mission critical SAP system required secure transition of application and data as well as fundamental reliability and performance
Benefits : Fujitsu’s SAP Know-how plus the performance of PRIMEQUEST exceeded requirements, as well as shortening batch processing times
Takeshi Noiri  Section Manager, Business Application Sec.,  Information System Dept.Mr.Takeshi NoiriSection Manager, Business Application Sec., Information System Dept.

Toray Engineering runs and develops a diverse range of businesses, covering the construction of large scale plant and the development of liquid crystal and semiconductor equipment used to expand their global business. They introduced their SAP ERP solution (SAP R/3) in 2003.

SAP is used in many enterprises and there is pressure to upgrade to the latest version. Plus, as this is the system which supports the business, server high-reliability and performance is essential.

“We introduced SAP to replace the separate systems in each department. It was used to integrate and standardize our business approach, not only inside the main company, but also across all group companies,” reviews Takeshi Noiri, Section Manager, Business Application Sec., Information System Dept.

Performance limits and system stability were major reasons for system reform

Mr.Yoshiaki Sato
Section Manager, System Platform Sec., Information System Dept.

As the mainstay of the group’s operation, continued stability of SAP R/3 on Microsoft Windows Server is required. But several years after introduction, a point was reached where the deterioration of the hardware was affecting overall stability of the system. In addition a performance limit was becoming apparent, based on increases in data volumes and users. The heavy account balancing processing loads at each period end, for example, were taking up to nine hours and causing timeouts in online processing. In 2006 a number of IT vendors where approached by Toray Engineering and requested to propose a system that would meet the following four primary conditions:

1. System renovation that directly provided improved reliability and performance.
2. Flexibility to quickly use standby resources at peak times.
3. Ability to augment the system as users and system requirements are added.
4. Ease of maintenance and operation.

“Being in charge of the SAP upgrade we wanted to concentrate on the job as a whole. This was an overhaul of the entire infrastructure so the target wasn’t just a new server. There was storage and networking also. We thought it better to seek a vendor that could provide it all rather than make separate requests to vendors who just specialize in each component,” explained Yoshiaki Sato, Section Manager, System Platform Sec., Information System Dept.

Fujitsu had the SAP skills and know- how PRIMEQUEST outperformed the other servers

There were proposals from a number of global vendors but the Fujitsu proposal was finally adopted. “Fujitsu met all the important requirements and surpassed the other companies. Their total solution was also elegant, while the performance of the mission critical PRIMEQUEST server was outstanding,” says Takaya Sugiura, System Platform Sec., Information System Dept.

Fujitsu also used their “SAP operational diagnosis service” tool to obtain detailed operational circumstances concerning the previous vendor’s server, including loadings, to propose the correct resources for the new infrastructure.

Furthermore, with the “SAP Diagnosis add-on diagnosis service”, an inventory of SAP specific add-ons and programs clarified the effect of the SAP R/3 to SAP ERP upgrade. Mr. Noiri had high praise for Fujitsu’s SAP skills and know-how, “Typical SAP renovation projects tend to get away from you as the schedule has to be modified as you go along, due to insufficient planning. But in Fujitsu’s case they provided a very precise estimate of the costs and an accurate schedule of all the procedures and items to be done and stuck to it.”

System Outline

Reliability, Expandability, Flexibility, Serviceability With Batch processing times halved at a stroke

Kaoru Ogino  Business Application Sec.,  Information System Dept.Ms.Kaoru OginoBusiness Application Sec., Information System Dept.

Toray Engineering is continuing to review the new system. Initially a PRIMEQUEST 580 with four partitions was constructed for the SAP ERP and SAP BI production/verification servers. It operates using 12 64-bit Intel Itanium processors and when further performance is required, a spare system board containing 2 processors can quickly be used to add resources to a partition. In addition, by combining the use of the extra board with recovery from unexpected operational problems, system availability can also be improved.

Consequently, a PRIMEQUEST 520 was introduced as a development server and sand box. The sand box server allows free range verification and rigorous testing of amendments, business changes, additions and corrections.

The existing system management tools (IBM’s Tivoli) continue to be used to control system operation. Server management of PRIMEQUEST is now performed by the dedicated server management board (MMB). “Only persons accustomed to operations could handle the server management tool of the old system, but the PC browser based MMB allows anyone to modify hardware resources, etc., simply,” admired Kaoru Ogino, Business Application Sec., Information System Dept.

The move to the new production system was safely completed in a four day holiday-period in August 2007. Afterwards the non-stop stability of operation and the halving of period-end batch processing from 9 hours to 4.5 hours, clearly met expectations.

Future developments

Takaya Sugiura  System Platform Sec.,  Information System Dept.Mr.Takaya SugiuraSystem Platform Sec., Information System Dept.

Toray Engineering has, as future topics, disaster recovery and data application. “PRIMEQUEST hardware ability is close to perfect. Now, considering how it is used, we would like to make the system strong in disaster recovery.

In addition, with the performance and operability improvements there is spare capacity in staff and system resources. Those we would like to turn to strategic application of data to make the company stronger. We have great expectations of Fujitsu in the future,” said Mr. Sato.

Fujitsu intends to keep strongly supporting the company’s future IT applications.

System ConfigurationSystem Configuration

About Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.

Location: 3-3-16 Hongokucho, Nihonbashi, Tokyo Japan Established: 1960