Performance, form factor, energy consumption, and the option to customize machines were the factors that persuaded us to adopt the Fujitsu customer solution, with the support of PCS Group.

Paolo Franchi, Systems Manager Provincia Religiosa di San Pietro
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Ospedale San Pietro Fatebenefratelli

The Provincia Religiosa di San Pietro selects Fujitsu to update its storage infrastructure and desktop PCs, cutting energy consumption and response times.


The Fatebenefratelli, a Roman Catholic hospital order, met for the first time in a General Chapter in 1587, at which time they were already managing 25 hospitals. Currently operating in Italy, there is the Provincia Romana, and the Provincia Lombardo-Veneta. The former received recognition of its legal entity from the Italian government in 1936, under the name of Provincia Religiosa di San Pietro dell’Ordine Ospedaliero di San Giovanni di Dio, known as the Fatebenefratelli.


As part of a digital transformation process launched in 2012, the Provincia Religiosa di San Pietro initially replaced its storage, and subsequently part of its client inventory, with a view to obtaining more storage space for medical imaging and reducing waiting times for users working with the general public.


Thanks to its partnership with FUJITSU Circle Partner, PCS Group, the Provincia Religiosa implemented a FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS infrastructure, which serves all four of the hospitals managed by the organization, and installed more than 600 new FUJITSU Desktop ESPRIMO Q556 clients, which are more efficient, secure, and energy-saving.


  • 25% reduction in helpdesk response times
  • 50% saving on energy costs in relation to clients
  • Greater use of storage space: from 50% to 80%
  • Enhanced data and access security "

Download Full Case Study PDF

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