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Developing Your Solution

FSEU Competence Centres

Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe (FSEU) is committed to delivering tailored solutions for target industries across Europe. In order to support this goal, FSEU has bundled critical expertise and applications know-how in dedicated Competence Centres (CCs), located close to the customer.

The focus of these highly skilled engineering teams is to provide leading-edge, innovative solutions for specific applications in the automotive, communications, healthcare/medical and industrial markets. FSEU’s Competence Centres collaborate closely with Fujitsu in Japan, ensuring global support on a local level.

Contact our specialist local technical support teams anytime, to discuss your hardware design, software implementation and chip architecture requirements.

ASIC Competence Centre, Langen, Germany
The FSEU’s ASIC Competence Centre is focused on delivering customised SoC solutions, combining Fujitsu’s leading-edge implementation methodology and state-of-the-art expertise with advanced process technologies. The experienced implementation team ensures optimal results in both design density and layout turnaround times.

Graphics Competence Centre (GCC), Munich, Germany
The Graphics Competence Center (GCC) is at the heart of Fujitsu's focused strategy for embedded graphics solutions, aimed at extending our lead in the embedded graphics controller market. Located in Munich, the GCC unit maintains close contact with European customers to monitor current and future requirements for embedded graphics applications, reflecting the industry trend towards greater functionality, performance and integration.

Mixed Signal Competence Centre, Maidenhead (UK) and Langen & Braunschweig (Germany)
The Mixed Signal Competence Centre’s high-performance, low-power data converters meet the needs of many markets, such as advanced telecommunications infrastructure and access technologies. Recognised as a centre of excellence for analogue design and mixed signal development, the team’s activities extend to include a worldwide role in defining design and test methodology, as well as advising on future process technology.