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People Development

Careers with FSEU

Personal continuing development, as well as programmes for today’s and future management all contribute to the high qualification of our workforce. We care for our talented people to move into leading positions over time – and get prepared for management duties or larger project tasks.

We gladly offer a wide range of development opportunities focused on every individual employee. Read more below about these standardized instruments helping us create personalized action plans:

Annual Performance Review & Personal Development Plan

Every employee has access to his/her detailed job profile and the expectations related to it. Once a year, everyone gets a qualified feedback based on his/her job profile. As a result, personal development plans are designed. Here our employees are also asked to bring in their own visions for development. Moreover, it becomes clear which competencies have to be further developed in order to fulfil requirements of the immediate higher job and to attain individual career goals.

Trainings and E-Learning

We offer a wide range of training courses which can be attended in- and/or externally:

  • Skills related trainings
  • Language Courses
  • Japanese Cultural Training
  • Project management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • How to deal with stress
  • Leadership Skills
  • Self- and Time Management

In cooperation with the Fujitsu University (Japan), we also offer an E-Learning tool in which our staff discovers our company history, our mission and our code of conduct. Of course, you can also use this tool to develop your skills regarding languages or any other business topics.

Goal Plan

Every six months, the company as well as all employees are measured against their set goals. Personal, team and project goals are set together with the respective manager. Company goals refer to all kind of business activities. Thus, the connection between own job and company strategy becomes visible.

360° Leadership Feedback & Leadership Development

Feedback is a key to learning. Learning makes us improve and feel good. FSEU managers provide open and fair feedback to their employees and discuss issues objectively in order to find solutions. Open dialogue is encouraged on and between all hierarchy levels.

In our 360° Feedback process, managers receive a fair assessment of their leadership style based on the company values and FSEU leadership principles. Following the first leadership feedback conducted company-wide, we have set up a development programme for our managers and future managers. There are different areas for development which can be individually adapted according to the results of the 360° feedback. See also the article in "Personalwirtschaft 3/2008" (704 KB).


Newcomers: In order to make the start with FSEU easier, each new employee will be mentored by his / her manager or an experienced colleague. A personal induction plan, created personally for each newcomer, serves as guideline for the first six months. It sheds light on the big picture: New employees are able to understand what’s expected of them during their induction phase and how their jobs relate to the rest of the organization. It identifies resources and trainings necessary to work efficiently. In the end, mentoring helps our new colleagues feel “at home”.

Talents: Each staff member identified as talent has a mentor from the Senior Management Team assigned to him or her. Regular meetings are held so that further development can be discussed.

Employee Opinion Surveys

Various surveys are conducted in order to detect where we can improve. Results are communicated company-wide followed up by various group specific workshops, and then it is up to each and every one of us to get involved. For this purpose, we have recently offered a number of workshops including topics such as teamwork, work-life-balance, communication etc. By joining these workshops, everyone has a chance to add their experiences into the big picture – findings of our employee surveys are thereby filled with life and action!

Job Enlargement

We want our employees to think outside the box – therefore we also encourage job changes internally, e.g. from Application to Marketing or Sales, or from IT to MarCom. If you don’t want to change your job completely, we offer creative solutions in which you can take over new tasks and responsibilities so that you will have the possibility to develop your skills as well as your personality.

For more information, also read article issued in PERSONALSpezial: "Qualität und Zeit gewinnen". (146 KB)


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