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The FSEU Culture

Careers with FSEU

Our company culture is the inner strength that holds us together in a competitive marketplace. It’s what offers all the fun, even when work gets hard sometimes. It’s what enables us to achieve the seemingly impossible.

We are aware that this great work atmosphere can't be taken for granted – we have to nurture it. Check out our many different ways to do so:


  • Idea Box
    An employee suggestion scheme has been implemented with idea boxes set up in all FSEU offices. We are all encouraged to drop ideas into these boxes. Innovations or improvements are screened by Senior Management and forwarded to the appropriate instance for further processing. The original idea contributors remain involved in the work flow and – finally – the implementation of their idea.

    At our Management Talks every other month, the idea box turns into a lottery box: A winner is drawn. He or she can look forward to a prize such as a wellness-weekend, concert tickets, etc. Once a year, our most creative mind (the best idea implemented) is awarded a prize by our company president.
  • Management Talks
    These are held six times a year on an informal level in our cafeteria at Langen headquarters. All of our employees, European subsidiaries included, are invited to join. Without a predefined agenda, it is very much up to our employees themselves to speak out what's on their minds. This is an excellent opportunity for everybody to raise any questions of interest and to establish a closer communication network with our Senior Management Team.
  • Communication Meetings
    These take place twice a year with representatives of Senior Management in all of our European offices. Important information on business development, new initiatives, products or projects is shared with all of our staff.
  • Employee Surveys
    Various surveys are conducted in order to detect where we can improve. Results are communicated company-wide followed up by various group specific workshops, and then it is up to each and every one of us to get involved. For this purpose, we have recently offered a number of workshops including topics such as teamwork, work-life-balance, communication etc. By joining these workshops, everyone has a chance to add their experiences into the big picture – findings of our employee surveys are thereby filled with life and action!


  • City Runs
    Since 1994, we've been running for a good cause every year in the Frankfurt JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge. Debuting 1993 on a dirt path along the Main River, this Corporate Challenge has become the largest foot race on the planet with 72.741 runners from 2.752 different companies in 2010. Our Munich colleagues have also been joining the local corporate race, the B2RUN München. In 2010, there were 12 FSEU runners doing the tough challenge of 6.7 km.
  • Other Initiatives
    We have some committed beach volleyballers, squashers, skiers, etc.! Our employees in Langen have in use a whiteboard to sign up for the different sport activities they like to try out.


  • Summer Barbecues
    Every year, we do barbecues in our different branches with our Senior Management Team acting as grill masters. Rumours circulate about clever colleagues scheduling their meetings in the different offices accordingly (and taking part in various feasts!).
  • Christmas Parties
    Nothing out of the ordinary to have them in companies? Maybe not, but the amount of fun we’ve had in all those years is hard to put into words…

Team Activities

  • Outdoor Team Activities
  • Kart Racing Event
    At FSEU, special work projects are followed by special leisure projects. Here, our team was all excited by their first racing experience! "Better than a computer racing game, requiring just a little more courage!"
  • After Work Cooking
    Always on the search for new ideas in order to celebrate the successful completion of a project, we tried our luck as chefs. Bottom line: If we were unhappy with our jobs at FSEU, some of us could easily make a career in some haute-cuisine kitchen!