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Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe for Good

Careers with FSEU

Open your eyes and get involved!
We believe that as a company, we can make a difference in society.

We support learning from an early age by sponsoring icon-pdf Dreieichschule in Langen for sports (30 KB) and arts (76 KB). We also take part in activities like the Girls' Day or the 'Berufs- und Studieninformationstag' at Alfred-Delp-Schule Dieburg. Last not least, we train technical talent ourselves, by offering Studium Plus for high school graduates or internships for university students.

We support two string orchestras of the Langen Music School. Twice a year we have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of our engagement: In summer and winter concerts (181 KB), our musicians show their improvements – their repertoire even including compositions brought over from Japan by our Company President.

We appreciate creativity as one of the gifts of human kind, not only at our workplace! Therefore, we decided to support young people developing their creativeness. In turn, we have received some beautiful paintings which decorate our office building in Langen. See also Langener Zeitung, 02.06.2009 (629 KB).

Of course, we do care about our environment! Last year we received the Fujitsu Group Environmental Award for our CO2-free LSI design and for our 100% green electricity office (78 KB).

We support the work of the icon-pdf German Bone Marrow Donor Center. FSEU not only makes financial contributions but the employees also have the chance to register in the database during registration days. See also the article 'Mit Knochenmarkspende Leben retten (2.42 MB )', Offenbach Post and 'Fujitsu hilft Leukämie-Kranken (15 KB)', Frankfurter Neue Presse