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Compensation & Benefits

Careers with FSEU

Our salary system has fixed parts which are reviewed once a year in the Annual Performance Review. On top of that, all staff members have a variable bonus part, which is adjusted twice a year in line with goal achievement. This bonus plan takes into account FSEU’s performance as a whole as well as the individuals’ work accomplished.

We evaluate and benchmark all of our jobs periodically to guarantee fairness and transparency and to ensure that we have attractive remuneration packages exceeding industry standards. Within our European organisation, these vary according to local markets. Below is an overview for Germany.

  • Pension Programs
    We feed a direct insurance for our employees after one year’s service.
  • Capital Forming Plans
    We contribute to individual savings plans.
  • Anniversary Payments
    For loyalty to the company, 10/20/25th anniversaries are rewarded.
  • Commuting Allowance
    Contribution to commute to work for employees with no company car.
  • Restaurant Cheques
    Cheques handed out to all staff can be used in designated canteens, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.
  • Special Occasion Payments
    We acknowledge meaningful moments in our employees’ private life, granting payments for weddings, birth of a child, etc.
  • eThankYou Rewards
    In order to recognize people’s special engagement, eThankYou-mails can be sent company-wide. The employee’s superior receives a copy and decides whether to grant a financial bonus for each particular case.
  • + others
    e.g. risk provisioning against accidents / long-term sickness.