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Careers with FSEU

We want our staff to remain good-humoured and healthy! Apart from encouraging everyone’s own responsibility for their work-life-balance, we support sustained implementation of different instruments and actions.

Awareness-strengthening for managers
We offer workshops and individual coachings in order to attain stronger manager awareness for work-life-balance.

Coping with stress
A stress management training focuses on how we can react in a calm way and keep a good overview even during hectic times.

Health consultation
We offer presentations by our company doctor on interesting medical issues, healthy eating etc.

Exercise & Brainfood
For a healthy break, the cafeteria in our Langen headquarters hosts a kicker game, a darts game and fresh fruit – all for free!

As you can read on our Company Culture page, we are a fairly active crowd! Coming up with new sports initiatives has become a sports itself. In our Langen headquarters, we have a big whiteboard for this purpose.