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Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe awarded Universum Top 100

Careers with FSEU

Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe GmbH (FSEU) has earned the "Universum Top 100" Student Survey Award. Being named several times by students of IT related studies as "employer of choice missing" in the survey of 2011, FSEU was included in the IT survey of 2012 for the first time, listed as one out of 130 companies. Some 2.250 IT students from leading universities all over Germany participated, shedding light onto students' career expectations and their perception of companies as possible future employers.

"Universum Top 100" reveals how attractive a company is among students and how it's positioned in relation to other ideal employers in the recruitment market. The official Universum Top 100 Ideal Employer RankingOpen a new window reflects the frequency with which employers were marked as ideal. Being a first-timer in the study of 2012, FSEU instantly achieved Rank 78 for this ambitious question. For the question which employers students would consider working for, FSEU even made it to a proud Rank 39, thus proving a high profile indeed!