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FSEU awarded "Top Employer Health"

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Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe (FSEU) has earned the 2nd place for its companywide health promotion following a survey conducted by SchmidtColleg Gesundheitsmanagement.

Duisburg, Germany, 28.01.2010 - FSEU receives the title "Top Employer Health" at a ceremony in the Industrial Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord. Complying with strict criteria for a strong business health concept, the 10 best employers were identified and recognized for their special efforts.

Only healthy people, physically as well as mentally, can keep their company healthy on an economic basis as well. Companies who invest in health promotion achieve more vitality at the workplace along with a higher satisfaction among their employees and, ultimately, their customers.

TAG award 2010

TAG award 2010

FSEU, in particular, promotes a number of health-related topics in their work-life-balance scheme. The company welcomes all sports initiatives of their staff and has recently offered training sessions inhouse for ergonomics at the work desk. The motto is: Prevention rather than rehabilitation!