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Student Days

Careers with FSEU

Our FSEU headquarters in Langen is happy to open its doors for students; thus allowing a peek into the real world of technology - along with a feeling for FSEU's work culture.

In small groups, our visitors are taken on a tour to different work places. It' all about the exciting, brand new developments in the field of microelectronics and how they affect our every-day life. Afterwards, we all get together in an extensive Q&A session with professors, students, and FSEU staff. The lively discussions revolve around the experience during the tours as well as tips for job applications or future career steps.

Some of the participants’ voices:

“Prototypes of cars and digital dashboards made me understand how the different electronic parts synchronize.”

“It was impressive to see a silicon wafer along with the actual design process from scratch.”

“I thank all the colleagues who took special effort in explaining each part to me and took time out of hectic work schedules to make this a day worth remembering.”

Click here to see a visitors' report (German).

For questions regarding our FSEU Discovery Days, please contact Human Resources.