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How to Apply

Careers with FSEU

How should I apply?

There are two ways to apply. The fastest and easiest is to apply with our online tool, which we prefer. Should this be impossible, you may also send your documents by post. We will, of course, handle all applications fairly and confidentially.

Which documents should be included with my application?

We look forward to receiving your complete application. This helps us avoid further enquiries. Your application should include a cover letter, resume, all relevant school and university certificates as well as any work certificates you may have. If applying online, please upload all of these documents at the respective spot (in pdf or word, max. 2 MB per upload).

What does FSEU value in particular?

We value a good overall impression. Your complete application should include certificates and, of course, good grades. Besides, you should write a well-formulated letter pointing out your relevant professional knowledge, your job experience and your strengths.

What will happen with my application?

We will send you an acknowledgement once we have received your application. Afterwards, we will go through your application in detail. Please understand that this process takes a certain amount of time. We will contact you as quickly as possible to either invite you to an interview or inform you that you didn’t meet the requirements for a particular job. If your qualifications are interesting to us, but there is no appropriate vacancy, we will gladly keep your application on file for future positions, after receiving your permission to do so.

What is the selection process like at FSEU?

We would first like to get to know you in person at an interview. Interviews are conducted by experts from the specialist department and the human resources department. We usually manage to make a decision right after the first interview.

Does FSEU reimburse interview costs?

We reimburse travel costs for the German railway (2nd class) if receipts are submitted. We reimburse the same amount if you drive to your interview.

Who can I contact if I have any further questions on applying with FSEU?

Our contacts in Human Resources are pleased to assist you.

Which fields of study are you usually interested in?

Our interest focuses on engineering and computer technology (e.g. electronics, mechatronics, industrial engineering, computer science), as well as physics.

Will I receive any help in finding an apartment?

If you're moving for the company, we are pleased to provide you with an apartment during the first month of your employment. We also grant allowances for real-estsate agents and the transport of your household.

Do you remunerate your interns?

Yes, as an intern you will receive monthly remuneration during the internship (usually lasting six months) as well as restaurant cheques. See also our participation in the “Fair Company” initiative.