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Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe Limited

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  • Providing our customers with solutions based on cutting-edge technologies that maintain competitive advantage.
  • Undertaking groundbreaking research and development, underpinned by the core values of corporate social responsibility, protection of the global environment and a sustainable, reliable, social infrastructure.
  • Aligning our research to the needs of the business community, focused on making future technologies a reality.
  • Developing human-centric technologies that contribute to a safer, more secure society.

Press Releases Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe

  • EMEIA, London, October 02, 2017
    Fujitsu Develops State-of-the-Art AI Solution to Revolutionize Non-Destructive Testing Manufacturing Inspection
    Fujitsu has developed an innovative AI technology that significantly improves manufacturing quality control and defect detection by automatically analyzing and diagnosing Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) ultrasonic scan data in just minutes, helping to pinpoint potential defects more rapidly and efficiently than existing processes. Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe’s solution uses a new AI framework that combines image and signal processing techniques with deep learning technology to solve complex manufacturing quality problems.