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European Research Activities

In Europe, Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe’s mission continuously evolves in line with Fujitsu’s overall goal of “shaping tomorrow with you”. From the R&D perspective, this involves developing advanced technologies, solutions and services that generate value by linking individuals, things and information, with the ultimate goal of enabling a truly human-centric intelligent society.

In essence, Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe acts as a portal between technology and business, shortening the overall R&D cycle, en route to transforming technologies into business realities. As well as working collaboratively with the many companies across the Fujitsu Group, we have established strong partnerships with many prestigious academic institutions across Europe, creating collaborative ties that are pivotal to realising our research vision. Our track record includes participating in a number of high profile EU projects, as well as playing an active role in standards development activities.

Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe’s activities are organised into a number of distinct strands:

Technical Computing

developing the software technologies required by the next generation of technical computing solutions on Fujitsu supercomputers.


Engineering Cloud

evolving simulation techniques for product lifecycle management (PLM)


Intelligent Society Platform

focusing on innovation and standardisation activities, to open up dynamic new opportunities for Fujitsu fs Big Data solutions

Future Network Research

focusing on innovation, engineering and standardisation of network services and technologies, in support of Fujitsu's Human Centric Intelligent Society (HCIS) vision.

Research Transformation and Innovation

developing region-specific solutions in collaboration with other companies across the Fujitsu Group, and through other strategic research collaborations.