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Important Notice

Due to the Coronavirus we have cancelled our events and meetups in March 2020. We will update our events page as soon as possible again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tech4Good Podcasts

  monthly basis, check calendar
  Online, own device

The Tech4Good Podcast series brings insights and inspiration to the next generation of technical leaders to develop and adopt technology as a driver for social good. Breakthrough technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, 5G and Digital Data will help us to achieve the goals to make our world a better place for organisations, people and the planet. We will discuss these topics on a monthly basis in our Lunchbreak Podcasts with the best experts in the field to bring you up to date.
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Multi-Cloud Webinar

Highlights from our latest event

Lunch & Learn: Office365 Security

  24 June 2020
  11.00 am– 12.30 pm

Nowadays security is becoming more important every day. When working from home we would like to have access to our Microsoft Office Application from every mobile device. For this reason many organizations are using Office365. Office365 is delivered from the Microsoft Cloud, which is also securing your mail, OneDrive ad SharePoint. However due to the increasing amount of cyberattacks and there increasing complexity of them, you don’t want your security fully in hands of Microsoft. In this Lunch & Learn we discussed the security of Office365 together with our partner Check Point. Interested in this session? Contact us for more information.

Security Office365

Multi-Cloud webinar ‘Cloud First of Cloud Fit?

In this webinar, Jeroen Mulder (Senior Lead Architect), addresses the following questions:

  • What is the value of a Cloud First strategy? What is your plan?
  • Have you already experienced the full benefits of Cloud platforms?
  • How do we control those Cloud environments?
  • How about your cost management?
  • And not to forget: are your environments well secured?

Get-Azure | Select-Fujitsu

Our first tech session of 2020 was about ‘Get-Azure | Select-Fujitsu’. Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Esther Barthel hosted a session on our meet-up. Esther talked about ‘Azure Automation fun with ARM Templates & PowerShell’. Fujitsu’s thought leader in Azure, Jeroen Mulder, presented about the 5 ‘almost-disasters’ in Azure and how to prevent them.

Web Summit

Web Summit is the largest tech conference on the planet according to Forbes. Joining 70.000+ attendees from 160+ countries, it will gather Fortune 500 companies, groundbreaking startups and world-class speakers. During Web Summit we have organized the ‘Fujitsu Innovation Challenge – Startup Accelerator’

Explore the ‘trusted future’ at Fujitsu Forum Munich 2019

Fujitsu Forum is one of the biggest IT-events in Europe with more than 10.000 visitors every year. At Fujitsu Forum Munich 2019, we have explored how a people-first (‘human-centric’) approach to the latest digital technologies is helping to build trust in new business models and ultimately helping to improve lives. Our event theme this year was Human Centric Innovation – Driving a Trusted Future.

Van Oord event: Learn about their journey to become a data-driven company – 6 Sept 2019

Digitization has become a key element in international organizations within the maritime, transport and logistics industry. Driving this digital transformation in a successful way, requires the right data and information. It is also crucial to protect and ensure the integrity of that data. Learn about Van Oord’s journey to become a data-driven company and how they managed to combine innovation, digitization and security.

Digital Technologies Roadshow - Innovating with AI, Analytics and RPA – 20 March 2019

To stay relevant, you need advanced technologies that solve your business challenges. We help our customers with a focused set of solutions based on the most exciting emerging technologies, such as AI, Analytics and RPA. During the event we have introduced our customers and solutions to you. For example, Robert Hoving, Former Corporate Innovation Manager at the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service (Openbaar Ministerie), has shared his knowledge about automating business processes and the organizational benefits of their RPA implementation. It was all about the application of technology on this day.

Fujitsu Forum 2018

Fujitsu Forum 2018 in Munich has taken place on November 7 and 8. This is our largest customer and partner event in Europe, where we expect more than 12,000 participants. The agenda comprises inspirational keynote presentations, break-outs addressing the biggest technology challenges we face, expert talks with a diverse international list of contributors, a large exhibition of solutions, services and infrastructures, evening entertainment and of course the opportunity to network throughout. So please mark your calendars: November 7 and 8, Fujitsu Forum Munich.

Advisory session The Evolution of the Workplace

The tremendous influence of technology, has drastically changed the way people work over the past two decades. However, there are also other clear trends that have a major impact on societies, organisations and the way of working. What Actions should organisations take to ensure they are prepared for the Digital Workplace 2025?

Round Table Agile Services in collaboration with ING

In November 2016 the collaboration between ING’s Digital Workplace Services and Fujitsu was changed to agile. Today, groups consisting of both ING and Fujitsu employees, are working on the realization of the ING Workplace 2020, in which the customer journey was adopted as the guiding principle for the new way of working, with Net Promoter Score as the instrument for measuring satisfaction. The agile alliance between ING and Fujitsu led to the winning of a Tommie Award for “Most Successful Company in Sourcing” by ICT Media (December 2017). Chris Wauters, Area Lead ING Digital WorkPlace Services, has shared his best practices during the round table.