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Technical and Maintenance Services

Benefit from our global reach and service excellence

Business processes and continuity depend on a reliable IT infrastructure. Unscheduled downtime can prove extremely costly and damaging to a company’s reputation. 

Fujitsu has a proven track record in delivering technical and maintenance services for single products as well as the complete IT infrastructure on a global scale. Expert Fujitsu teams have the capability and capacity to deliver all services locally – anywhere around the world. 

Our technical and maintenance offerings provide standardized as well as individually customized Product Support Services for Fujitsu products. These can be enhanced by our customized Managed Maintenance services which cover break/fix services for Fujitsu products as well as multivendor client devices, departmental servers, departmental storage systems, enterprise servers, enterprise storage, printers and network devices (including IP phones), retail cashiers or ATMs. 

Rollout & Project Management services cover large-scale, fully managed, global rollout activities and the related project management to ensure that the integration into an existing IT environment runs smoothly with minimum interruptions to the daily business. 

System Lifecycle Management services cover the full IMAC/D spectrum after the new Fujitsu hardware is integrated into the IT environment. This includes all further installations, move, add or change requests as well as the eco-friendly refurbishment of old devices. 

Fujitsu serves as the one-stop resource for your whole IT infrastructure. Together we can improve your systems availability and performance to ensure business continuity and free internal resources for other tasks.

Product Support Services

In addition to cutting-edge products, Fujitsu delivers worldwide Product Support Services. A comprehensive product support portfolio containing standard break/fix services as well as proactive support helps our customers to save time and money and reduces the burden on internal IT staff. 

Fujitsu delivers Product Support Services through certified support engineers for individual products as well as for IT infrastructures as a “one stop shop” support offering. The services range from installing new products to providing fast and responsive support for Fujitsu hardware, software and IT infrastructures for solution business. 

The right mix of Product Support Services from Fujitsu enables optimal early planning for the availability of our customers’ IT systems required for their state-of-the art business operation.

Managed Maintenance

Managed Maintenance from Fujitsu simplifies your heterogeneous ICT infrastructure providing a single point of contact and accountability for your multi-vendor maintenance, be it your mission-critical enterprise infrastructure, client computing devices, retail and network & communication infrastructures as well as ATMs. It is a comprehensive program built upon experience and knowledge gained from years of working in multi-vendor, mission-critical ICT environments. 

At its most basic, Managed Maintenance is hardware break/fix. However, we have gone beyond the traditional reactive service to a solution that embodies a number of proactive features that allow Fujitsu to meet and exceed your service level requirements for any hardware product from Fujitsu or any other vendor. These features, coupled with our proven support processes, create a firm foundation for improved hardware availability over time. 

Fujitsu can serve as a single service provider which offers one contract, one invoice and one phone number to call for your multi-vendor support – for hardware from Fujitsu or any other manufacturer. Our customers save the time needed to coordinate IT support service providers.

Global Onsite Support

Fujitsu’s Global Program Management Office (GPMO) is an integrated global service delivery center, managing and driving global on-site support services.

Global service delivery management can be provided in over 180 countries on a 24x7 basis via our 3 hub structure covering Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. Through the global onsite support IT system, onsite support interventions are dispatched into the local countries, where they are fulfilled by local field engineers.

Global service delivery management and governance is driven in all the phases of the contract lifecycle to ensure consistent global processes and delivery management. During ongoing service operations, GPMO dispatch and proactively follow-up onsite support tickets to ensure the field engineers perform the activities assigned and resolve the problems of the end user, or with equipment, within the agreed SLA target. Local service delivery is accomplished through either our own Fujitsu engineers or via our qualified service partner network.

The main business benefits for customers are:
  • Increased management awareness and visibility of field services activities through our global dashboards and reporting 
  • A cost effective solution, without sacrificing quality, security, resilience or business intimacy 

Rollout and Project Management

Fujitsu recognizes that each customer’s rollout and installation needs are special. The key to success of using these services in any project is great project management — to recognize and mitigate the risks and ensure a comprehensive practical plan is built and executed on time and to budget. 

The services include global rollout concepts for Fujitsu products and the corresponding software, plus the project management for their installation within an existing customer infrastructure. 

Fujitsu offers an end-to-end service chain from site survey and customization through installation and end-user training to on-site data migration. Our Rollout and Project Management Services, coupled with our integration and installation services for Fujitsu systems, provide a genuine single vendor to manage all your needs.

System Lifecycle Management

System Lifecycle Management covers the services Install, Move, Add, Change and Dispose (IMAC/D) that become necessary after new Fujitsu systems are successfully rolled out and in use, either in the data center or by the single employees. 

Ongoing update and upgrades are included. Enterprise products previously in use before the new systems are installed can be moved to another location to be used for other, less mission-critical tasks. And in case the hardware is out of date Fujitsu takes care of the refurbishment. 

Fujitsu provides System Lifecycle Management services for the IT infrastructure with a minimum of data center or end-user interruptions. Fujitsu is the one-stop resource and takes over the complete responsibility to ensure the seamless and ongoing successful use of the new systems and the eco-friendly recycling of old devices.

Why Fujitsu?

  • We have invested heavily in the technology, tools, processes and skills required to deliver world-class technical and maintenance services managed by a 'follow-the-sun' global service management team.
  • You have the assurance of global delivery, service and reporting capabilities.
  • We can adapt the scope of our services in line with your changing business needs.
  • Our Global Program Management Office is committed to ensuring that our technical and maintenance services are consistently delivered according to customer-specific SLAs – anywhere in the world.
  • Solid end-to-end service integration leads to higher customer satisfaction and lower cost levels.