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Powerful Solutions for Integrated System and Network Management

Systemwalker Definition

The primary objective of the Systemwalker Product Family is the proper operations management of your IT resources, where TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) reduction is the main concern.

In general, TCO consists of the following cost factors.

  1. Assets Purchased
  2. Administration
  3. End User Operation
  4. Technical Support

The Systemwalker Product Family assists in the reduction of administration cost (2), technical support cost (4), and extra end user operation cost (3) brought about by system troubles.

Systemwalker in the Worldwide Market

In the midst of a number of operation management products, Systemwalker enjoys the top spot in the Japanese domestic market. The product is further supported by several global customer operations.

An example is an Asian university where Systemwalker centrally manages its whole network and computer systems distributed throughout the campus. Monitoring operations are controlled by its IT staff at a single location. For another customer - a retail chain store, Systemwalker remotely manages the POS terminals of each branch in the HQ building and simultaneously resolves system troubles. These result to customers enjoying great TCO reduction and effective utilization of their IT resources.

Systemwalker for the New Age

In this Web-based business age, the meaning of operation management has extended. Cost reduction of Web-based business environments is a new requirement.

In addition to physical IT resources management, Systemwalker Product Family's new version (V5.0) implements a new monitoring style - Business Centric Monitor.

In this view point, you can manage your IT resources bound by business processes while monitoring each business process. Definition of each business process to fit the workflow of your web-based business including the necessary IT resources is made possible. In line with this is the individual monitoring of all your IT resources - computers, network devices, application programs, databases, etc.

Another Topic

In most products of Systemwalker V5.0, personal computers running Windows2000 may be utilized as clients of the UNIX version, and servers and clients of the Windows platform.

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