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Solution for the Next Generation Enterprise

The growth of the Internet has radically changed the nature of computing and the flow of information in the business world. Business models have expanded from:

  • A well-defined transaction with a business partner > to a different transaction for each partner
  • Providing services to a limited set of users > to provide services to a multitude of unknown consumers

Responding to these changes requires an environment in which existing resources and specific solutions can be linked and used seamlessly. An example of such an environment is a distributed-application architecture based on the Internet and other global standard technologies.

Today's global enterprises require systems that allow them access to:

  • Customers
  • Partners
  • Suppliers
  • Employees

Such institutions require Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) infrastructure; The EAI solution promotes efficient transactions; contribute to reinvestment of development resources; and scalability for changing needs.

Further more, they require EAI solutions based on the widely accepted open standards that can deliver cross platform, cross language and cross vendor competitive e-commerce objectives.

INTERSTAGE's suite of software delivers all the critical elements of a true EAI server:

  • Platform Integration
  • Data Integration
  • Process Integration
  • Component Integration
  • Application Integration