Now that we’ve made the move to FUJITSU Cloud Service K5 we have really noticed the high service quality through the maintenance and usability, and the increase in reliability due to flexibility.

Akira Yokomichi, Executive Vice President People Software Corporation
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People Software Corporation

People Software aims to expand business with Cloud K5


Since its establishment in 1982, People Software, a company specializing in software contracted development, and the development, provision and sales of its own SaaS and BaaS products and packages, has operated with the corporate philosophy of “creating impressive value”. Always in pursuit of new technology, the company has actively utilized this to develop a wide variety of products and services with high “impressive value”, based on its discovery mentality.


People Software needed a platform that could handle an increased SaaS user numbers. It wanted to provide services that can cater flexibly to customer needs and lighten the burden of operational maintenance tasks.


FUJITSU Cloud Service K5 was selected due to the assurance of a domestically-produced cloud service, the ease of introduction, and the strong support system.


  • Migration to the cloud achieved high usability and expandability while also maintaining security
  • Enabled flexible response through the diverse customizability afforded by K5
  • Used a public API to automate maintenance

Download Full Case Study PDF

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