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FUJITSU Enterprise Application Construction Accounting Management Package

An Enterprise Business Solution tailored for Construction and Contract/Project Driven Companies

CAMP, which is the abbreviation of Construction Accounting Management Package, the enterprise business solution tailored for Construction and Contract or Project driven companies. CAMP can provide you the comprehensive functionality and flexibility needed to manage the entire project life cycle from project planning through completion and beyond by managing on-going customer support needs.

CAMP integrates ALL activities, i.e. contract and budget management, financials, distribution, labour costs absorptions et cetera, to ensure satisfied customers and profitable contracts.

With CAMP you have full visibility of how a project will affect capacity and cash flow -- information you need to make optimal use of available resources. In addition, because the system maintains an extensive project history, you can profit from past experience as you develop new projects.


A fully integrated financial accounting, distribution and manufacturing system for your trading cum manufacturing business

iPECSS is a solution tailored for trading cum manufacturing based businesses, which can provide you the functionality and flexibility required to manage the entire trading cum manufacturing business flow within a business. It integrates your financial, distribution, as well as manufacturing operations to ensure that your business will remain competitive, while operating profitably with satisfaction from your customers.

In addition, iPECSS caters for expanding businesses through Electronic Data Interchange, Web Access, Web Enabled Transaction, Bar Coding as well as Drill Down capabilities. With EDI and Web Enabled Transactions, businesses can conduct e-commerce activities, as well as exchange information with customers, suppliers and distributors seamlessly.


Extract necessary data from various type of spread sheets, store the data into a common depository

X-tract offers easy DB set-up from Spread Sheet (Excel@Microsoft) together with easy mapping function. X-tract covers most popular Planning and Data Import Job in most industries.

Barcode & RFID Management System

Barcode & RFID Management System, the new millennium bar coding & RFID system to cater for the needs of accurate warehousing management utilizing bar code operations in order to achieve greater efficiency inside the warehouse based upon the state-of-the-art-technology that we have accumulated in the past.


A simple and easy-to-implement low cost solution in achieving an efficient control to shop floor processes utilizing real-time barcode scanning of production work order results

KTK, the abbreviation of Koutei-Kanri which literally means Production Process Management, enhances the visibility of production progress for every item in every process within the operation floors or factories via barcode scanning. The visibility empowerment to the management allows better control during production, improves efficiency and provides a smoother communication flow between processes.

KTK promotes simplicity and flexibility and is suitable for all kinds of manufacturing industries, with the focus on SME industries. The system covers either one of the following 2 scenarios:

  • Companies with an existing ERP system, but the capturing of work order results without any barcode scanning.
  • Companies still running on manual operations, without a system to manage their productions.