Fujitsu is enthusiastic, fast-paced and genuinely interested in making an authentic impact, rather than just being a token charity sponsor.

James Cusack, Director of Science Autistica
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Autistica turned to charity partner Fujitsu to provide guidance in the form of a HXD workshop during the development of a new community platform for autistic people


Autistica was founded in 2004 by philanthropist and entrepreneur Dame Steve Shirley. It is the UK’s leading autism research charity and aims to ensure a long, healthy, happy life for autistic people and their families. The charity harnesses the potential of cutting-edge science to improve outcomes for autistic people of all ages.


Autistic people can find it difficult to navigate a modern world full of sensory issues, leading to poorer physical and mental health. Autistica wanted to develop a community platform to enable autistic people to share information and experiences to help manage these triggers.


The charity turned to sponsor Fujitsu and The Alan Turing Institute to develop the platform. The first step was to take part in a Fujitsu-led Human Centric Experience Design (HXD) workshop at its Digital Transformation Center to address different stakeholder needs, providing a better idea of the functionality and design required.


  • Fujitsu HXD methodology helps map priorities and understand stakeholder needs
  • Flexible and agile approach enables the project to evolve as the conversation continues
  • The new platform will positively impact on autistic people, enabling them to avoid sensory issues
  • Policy-makers can understand how to make environments more accessible in the future"

Download Full Case Study PDF

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