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FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CD10000 Reference Architecture

ETERNUS CD10000 is a hyperscale, software-defined storage reference architecture designed to manage vast amounts of data. A configuration can start small and grow in line with the business. The architecture is based on the Ceph enterprise open source platform and allows individual storage nodes to be added, exchanged and upgraded without downtime.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Open standards at enterprise-class service levels

    • Enhanced with software optimizations, extended automation and simple management.
    • Seamless management for Ceph and the entire system hardware
    • Optional storage software support from our partners RedHat or SUSE
    Unlimited scalability of capacity and performance

      • Scalability on demand reduces investment in unused capacity
      • Standard storage nodes balance speed, costs and space
      • Constant high performance for maintaining service levels
      • Supporting all data formats enables high consolidation results
      Zero downtime architecture

        • Uninterrupted operations ensure access to data at any time
        • Minimum tuning required – always the right service level
        • No downtime for maintenance tasks or system enhancements
        Immortal system

          • Three times extended lifecycle compared to conventional systems
          • Stable and consistent service levels
          • Dramatic migration cost savings

          Technical details

          TypeHyper-scale, software-defined storage (SDS)
          Software versionOpensource software: Ceph Enterprise
          Host connectivity optionsBlock, File and Object
          Max. no. of storage nodesUpgradeable up to 500 nodes (Higher numbers of nodes on special request)
          Storage node typesVarious Storage Nodes and Infrastructure component options
          Application interfacesCeph storage interfaces (Object, S3, Block, File), OpenStack interfaces (Swift, Cinder, Glance)

          Case Studies

          Press Release

          • Munich,April 09, 2019
            Fujitsu Offers More Backup Choices with New Commvault HyperScale™ Appliances

            Fujitsu is giving customers the widest choice of backup solutions to suit their individual business needs and budgets, with the addition of Commvault HyperScale™ Appliances to its storage portfolio.

          • Luxembourg,November 10, 2015
            Fujitsu Makes Evaluating Software-Defined Storage Simple and Affordable

            Fujitsu today introduces FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CD10000 Quick Start Edition, a unique solution that gives service providers, telecommunications companies, and software developers – among many others – a fast, simple and affordable route to implementing Ceph storage in customer environments. Ceph is now the most popular open source storage platform and software-defined storage (SDS) has become the holy grail in managing sky-rocketing data volumes. However, until now it has required significant investment in expensive hardware, skill development, and eliminating risk – before even knowing if it will be sufficient for the required deployment.

          • Luxembourg,October 01, 2015
            Fujitsu Perfects Software-Defined Storage for Enterprise Needs

            Fujitsu today introduces the second-generation FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CD10000, its hyperscale software-defined storage system. Already the world’s most scalable and capable storage system, the ETERNUS CD10000 S2 now provides even more powerful tools to meet the data handling challenges of the petabyte age.

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