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ZF Friedrichshafen AG Globalizes Client Management

"Fujitsu has just the right client portfolio to meet the wide range of user requirements at ZF, and for years we have been very satisfied with the excellent service provided internationally."

Andreas Romer, Director Support Center Desktop, ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Products that really support customers

The mission of ZF Friedrichshafen AG is to manufacture innovative products that improve mobility and contribute to a sustainable future. Every day at 121 production sites around the world, 75,000 employees strive to fulfill this mission in the areas of driveline, chassis, automotive and industrial technologies.

ZF relies on a standardized client infrastructure throughout the company

To support the development, production and sale of high quality engineering solutions, ZF provides its employees worldwide with a client infrastructure that is based on the very latest technology. The corporatewide client infrastructure is maintained by a team in Germany that works closely with Fujitsu to ensure maximum efficiency and performance. The end-to-end standardization of the client devices, procurement procedures and support processes make this possible.

The diverse range of user demands is a major challenge

Some 38,000 clients are deployed throughout ZF, and the device team makes sure that employees have access to workplace systems that satisfy their specific needs. Standardization poses a major challenge for the team because so many different workplace scenarios demand a wide range of systems – for technicians, developers, top management, etc.

ZF globalizes client management with Fujitsu

ZF was looking for one single partner who could standardize its workplace systems worldwide. Since 2002, the company has gradually expanded its collaboration with Fujitsu. For example, Fujitsu has been supporting ZF sites in EMEA since 2005, and this alliance was extended to include the entire APAC region in 2012. “Our collaboration has been very close for years, and everything runs smoothly. What’s more, Fujitsu is a partner who can provide us with terminal equipment and high quality service around the globe,” says Andreas Romer, Director Support Center Desktop at ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

Customer benefits

  • Workplace systems of the highest quality to support the productivity of employees
  • Constant further development of the client strategy based on many years of collaboration with trusted partners
  • Easy and fast provisioning of defined workplace systems and services through centralized corporate sourcing, with simple ordering and support processes
  • Central coordination by the Global Sales Desk relieves ZF of client management tasks

Products and services

  • Expandable, premium Fujitsu ESPRIMO E710 and Fujitsu ESPRIMO P710 PCs for complex applications
  • Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S752, Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E752, Fujitsu LIFEBOOK P702 and Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U772 for the mobile office
  • Fujitsu CELSIUS H720 and Fujitsu CELSIUS H920 mobile workstations for development tasks
  • Fujitsu CELSIUS M720 and Fujitsu CELSIUS R920 for advanced CAD workplaces
  • Energy-saving, ergonomic Fujitsu displays

Centralized sourcing with top-class products for everyone

In response to diverse workplace demands, ZF and Fujitsu set up a global corporate sourcing system that provides specifically defined end devices to ZF production sites in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. It includes Fujitsu ESPRIMO desktop PCs, Fujitsu displays and Fujitsu CELSIUS workstations, as well as various Fujitsu LIFEBOOK and Fujitsu CELSIUS mobile devices. According to Andreas Romer, this portfolio is ideal for addressing the sophisticated demands and requirements at ZF: “Fujitsu offers first-class product quality without compromises. Over the years we have encountered very few technical problems, and we have never experienced any product recalls.”

The sourcing and provisioning approach is regularly evaluated and updated so that systems with various features and configurations are always available for the workplace scenarios specified by ZF. By definition, the direct and short business channels between both partners pay off: For example, ZF relies on Fujitsu CELSIUS workstations for ambitious development tasks. These devices offer best-in-class processor and graphics performance, and they are certified for the CAD applications deployed at ZF. If modifications, upgrades or the deployment of new models are planned, Fujitsu technical consultants and IT experts from ZF discuss these matters well in advance. This kind of direct communication is an important factor for ZF because it keeps things running smoothly and supports high levels of productivity throughout the concern.

Maximum efficiency through central management

The Fujitsu Global Sales Desk is responsible for coordinating the communication with ZF sites worldwide. It serves as the communications platform for global sourcing, manages the pool of devices available, coordinates all ordering processes and makes sure that the SLAs defined by ZF and Fujitsu are fulfilled. In addition, ZF has centralized its client management. For example, software packaging for worldwide distribution, plus patch management and security verification to safeguard clients and data, are tasks that are performed centrally in Germany. The benefits of this corporate-wide workplace system standardization, which covers the entire device life cycle, is obvious: Processes are faster and much less complex. This enables ZF to offer superior IT systems to employees around the globe, while also managing the clients throughout the concern with remarkable efficiency.

A fair partnership is the key to success

A consistently standardized client landscape such as the one at ZF cannot be established overnight – having a clear strategy is vital, and both partners must work together very closely – just as ZF and Fujitsu have been doing for more than 10 years now. “Our collaboration is always fair and open, “ says Andreas Romer when describing the partnership. This is also supported by a high level of continuity: Since ZF has been dealing with the same points of contact for many years, the teams on both sides know and fully trust each other.

“ We want to continue developing our expertise in a long-term partnership. The Fujitsu Account Team is comprised of extremely dedicated and competent partners who are always at our side and have earned our trust.”

Andreas Romer, Director Support Center Desktop, ZF Friedrichshafen AG


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