Hardware related

Product Development

  • Design, mechanism, electronic circuit design infrastructure and ample development resources
  • Customer-oriented new product development based on detailed analysis of customer’s specific needs and requirements
  • Provide our customer’s with optimal design consulting and product development solution

Core Business

  • Development of finance related automation system
  • Mechanism development
  • Outsourced development reflecting customer’s needs
  • Design service

Quality Evaluation System

  • Meet satisfactory level of our customers by accumulated know-how for domestic and foreign ordinance and standard information with detailed and strict internal standards
  • Internal quality assessment system: Evaluation of product under development to make assessment by each category with DVT(Design Verification Test).
  • Various tests related to standard verifications with relevant testing facilities in place

Development Phase

Software related

Product Development

  • Apply international standard interface protocol for ATM (CEN/XFS ver. 3.20)
  • Apply integrated device for finance-related automation products(ATM/Bill payment machine)
  • Utilize development tool (workflow designer) for eased development tasks

R&D process

Please refer to below for relevant information of our affiliated company FUJITSU KOREA LIMITED.