The right people for our company

  • Creative Mind, Future Challenger

    Pioneers, progressive with flexible mindset to tackle new fields
    Creative, challenging spirit prepared for future technology shifts
  • Youthful Enthusiasm

    Productive, professional output in related field
    Visionary, active learning to gain full knowledge in related field
  • Humanity Awareness

    Moral values and cooperative with others
    Responsible for their roles as a community member

Career Opportunity

01. Eligibility

- According to notice of opening positions
- Capable of International travels, have completed or exempted from military service duty
- National veterans and disabled will be granted according to relevant laws and regulations

02. Recruitment system

- Fixed: Conduct annual recruitment 1~2 times a year
- Periodic: Conduct year-round recruitment process to adopt flexible workforce based on requirements of each department to meet company’s goals.

03. Benefits

Offers variety of benefits to ensure employees and family members to enjoy a stable family environment.
Promote corporate and personal development skills to create confidence and desire in order to achieve company goals
  • - National Pension, Health Insurance, Employment Insurance, Workers’ Compensation, Medical Examinations
  • - 5 working days/week
  • - Family event related Expenditure/Vacation/Support
  • - Overseas training and career opportunity
  • - Self-development support (language, certification etc.)

04. Selection Process

- Application Screening
Determine the number of interviewers required in consideration of major and experience based on open positions for each department
Confirm whether contents stated in application is true (within 1 week from the deadline)

- Interview Screening
1) Manager Interview : Assess required knowledge, skillset and qualifications related to job opening
2) Executive Interview : Final assessment to determine applicant’s mindset and values related to job opening

05. How to Apply

- Notice for hire recruitment sites (Saramin/Incruit) upon open positions are available by relevant department

06. Others

- Acceptance will be revoked if contents in application prove to be false

Please refer to below for relevant information of our affiliated company FUJITSU KOREA LIMITED.