Global sales of FTEC’s airline printer model F9890S begins on July 8, 2020

New product for embedded device comes out to airline printer series with top share in Japan

Compact printer module for self-baggage drop and self check-in system

Tokyo, July 8, 2020 – We have developed a new product “FUJITSU Printer 9890S” that will be embedded in devices that print airline tickets, boarding passes, and baggage tags in airport, and we release this from today.
This product is printer module which will be installed mainly in unmanned self-baggage drop system (SBD) and self check-in system (KIOSK). This product can be used for variety of ticket/baggage tag samples used in the world and it is possible to handle RFID and liner-less baggage tags (*1) which demand is expanding these days only by adding or exchanging option parts.
We will contribute to smooth boarding procedures and reducing congestion not only at staffed check-in counters but also at self check-in area and lead to customer’s satisfaction.


The introduction of the SBD and KIOSK, which allow travelers to deposit their luggage and check in by themselves, is progressing rapidly around the world, against backdrops of needs for congestion reduction in boarding procedures and labor cost reduction.
To respond to these demands, we developed a model printer that can be embedded in self-service devices by utilizing FUJITSU mechanical component’s expertise we have cultivated over many years. More than 100,000 of our airline printers have been sold globally and it makes us have 90% share of check-in counters of airports in Japan. (*2)

FUJITSU Printer 9890S Example of using SBD/ KIOSK with FUJITSU Printer 9890S SBDやKIOSKの利用シーン例


1. Compact size to be installed in machines

This product is extremely compact as a printer for embedded SBD/KIOSK devices and realizes the optimum size and shape to fit SBD/KIOSK

2. Expandability for various baggage tags

It is possible to handle special baggage tags (RFID, Liner-Less), for which demand is expected to increase more in the future, simply by adding or replacing optional parts. The total costs of airports and airlines can be reduced when used for many years than other printers

3. Fully equipped standard unit

Cutter Unit and Cut & Cramp functions are standard equipment.
This enables to use variety of samples from the beginning

What’s next

In addition to promoting sales to airlines and airports globally, we are planning to release airline printer for staffed check-in counter based on this printer module in 2021.

Price and delivery schedule

Product name Price(w/o tax) Delivery schedule
FUJITSU Printer 9890S Open price July, 2020
FUJITSU Printer 9890S (liner-less)
RFID Option

Sales Target

Over 30,000 units until FY2023(Globally)


Product name FUJITSU Printer 9890S
Dimension W 110mm × D 140mm × H 68mm
Weight 1.4Kg
Print Speed Selectable from 5, 6, 7, 8 inch/sec
Environment Installed At Operation:5 to 40°C / 30 to 85%RH
Electricity MAX 150W
Power Supply 24Vdc
Data Interface ITPS (*3) standard Certified by: ARINC vMUSE / ARINC iMUSE / ARINC cMUSE / Navitaire GoNow&NewSkies are compatible Will be certified by: SITA AirportConnect (CUTE) / SITA Liaison / Amadeus Air IT Americas EASE / Travelsky NEW APP / Travelsky Angel NEW APP / Microsoft Windows® driver for airline use *Update sequentially

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(*1)liner-less baggage tags : Baggage tag without paper-liner.
(*2)More than 100,000 printers shipping record and 90% share of check-in counter of airports in Japan : According to our report in July, 2020.
(*3)ITPS : The IATA Technical Peripheral Specifications formerly known as AEA Technical specification.

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