Concept of Field Innovation

Concept of Field Innovation

1st stage : A commitment to visualizing all the facts

Field Innovation starts by selecting the targeted area, or Field, in which innovation is to be applied.
That area's business, products and operations are then scrutinized in order to completely visualize all the relevant facts.

2nd stage : Knowing the facts modifies mindsets and builds consensus

Issues only become clear when the basic facts are known.
By making use of workplace knowledge, effective solutions can be found.
Furthermore, facts invoke a sense of urgency that something must be done, leading to a consensus on the necessity for innovation becoming firmly rooted in the workplace.

3rd stage : Ongoing innovation fosters a "culture of innovation" in organizations

Fujitsu drives the integrated innovation of people, processes and ICT by changing people's mindsets and behavior, adjusting processes, and making full use of ICT. By continuing such innovation with the backing of your top management, Fujitsu will contribute to the building of strong companies and organizations that innovate on an ongoing basis.