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Shuttle Service

chipThe Shuttle Service is a test production service that uses MPW (multi-project wafer).
Because multiple customers share mask and wafer resources, the service makes it possible to manufacture test chips at low cost.
MIFS provides the shuttle service for 55 nm and 40 nm. It is available for use by a variety of customers in Japan and abroad.
We are prepared to respond flexibly to your requests. Please do not hesitate to inquire.

Standard Spec

  55nm 40nm
User area 4.070mm x 4.070mm 3.960mm x 3.960mm
Metal Layers 6Cu + 1Al and over
Form of delivery Bare dies
Delivery quantity 50dies / wafer
  • We can also handle specifications that are other than those mentioned above. Please inquire for details.

shuttle contact

Optional service

  • Assemble service LQFP120/LQFP144/LQFP208/QFP208
  • Quick delivery service We will shorten the delivery period for a fee.


40nm Technology
  2019 2020
March June September December March
Booking Closes - - 9-July 8-Oct 21-Jan
Tape-out date -


Beginning - September Beginning - December Mid - March
55nm Technology
  2019 2020
January April August October January
Booking Closes - - 2-July 17-September 3-December
Tape-out date - - End - August End - October End - January
  • Schedules are subject to change. Please contact us.

Working flow

1. Estimating
We will make estimates based on the chip size and number required.
2. Contracting
We will conclude non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and other agreements.
3. Data releasing
We will release PDK, library materials, documents, etc.
4. Shuttle entry
Please apply shuttle.
5. Chip designing
6. Data releasing
We will ask you to send GDS data to us.
7. Data checking
We will check design data.
8. Manufacturing
We will provide progress reports.
9. Delivery
We will send die and WAT data.


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